Why Console Gaming is a Thing of the PastIn recent years, gaming has captivated the minds of millions around the globe. Whether you enjoy a bloody FPS game or a fast-paced racing game, it’s likely that you’ve engaged yourself in some sort of gaming-related activity in the past. Gaming, just as every other topic on earth, has its controversial aspects. One particular aspect that receives a lot of attention and is typically the source of a large quantity of arguments is the console vs. PC aspect. Being a strong advocate of PC gaming, I would like to share my thoughts as to why I believe console gaming is a thing of the past.

Outdated Hardware

The second you purchase a console, you’re automatically bound to the sub-standard hardware it was built with for years to come. Regardless of how advanced the components are, you’ll find that they will eventually become outdated. This will result in graphic intensive games being forced to use lower quality visuals in order to maintain a consistent and acceptable frame rate. When this occurs, there’s nothing that can be done. If the hardware on a PC begins to age, a simple GPU or RAM upgrade will provide a significant performance increase and is certainly a more financially efficient decision as opposed to purchasing a new unit entirely.

The very popular PlayStation 3 console is a perfect example. It uses the RSX Reality Synthesizer graphics chip, which received its last major update in 2010. Since then, both AMD and Nvidia have released dozens of new graphics cards that are far more advanced in almost every aspect.

Mouse and Keyboard

One particular disadvantage of any game controller is the fact that communication via text becomes so impractical that it is essentially impossible. Yes, there are accessories available that will provide you with a very small keyboard on your controller, though getting your point across using two thumbs and a tiny keyboard doesn’t sound very appealing to me.

While many argue that this is a matter of personal preference, I think it’s safe to say that the majority of gamers prefer the precision of a high DPI mouse and the feel of a mechanical keyboard over two rubber sticks and a few plastic buttons. Some genres, however, do not require such precision. For example, using a controller to play racing or RPG games will generally produce results that are preferred among the gaming community. Then again, why decide on one method of game control when you can be free to use both?

Free Online Play

To utilize the full potential of an Xbox 360 game, it’s generally recommended that you buy an Xbox Live Gold subscription. A subscription can be purchased for just $5 per month. Seems relatively cheap, right? Well, considering the fact that PC users can install a gaming platform that is generally considered to be far more robust than Xbox Live without spending a dime, $5 per month is beginning to sound a little steep.

So do you think console gaming will ultimately die? I’m interested in hearing what you have to say, so be sure and share your opinion by posting a comment below.

Image: Old School by Kichigai Mentat (via Flickr)