Would You Pay $1 to Message Anyone on Facebook?Facebook recently posted this statement: “Imposing a financial cost on the sender may be the most effective way to discourage unwanted messages and facilitate delivery of messages that are relevant and useful.” Last year, Facebook made this statement: “a rumor on the Internet caught our attention. We have no plans to charge for Facebook. It’s free and always will be.” So which is it?

Are those of us who choose to use Facebook just getting paranoid, or are our feelings justified when we fail to believe anything the company says? While we continue to reel from the insane policies of Instagram, are we starting to believe that social networking is on its way to a timely death as we continue to have our privacy invaded?

For those of us who use Facebook to stay in contact with family, friends, acquaintances, and other people who are a part of our lives, the social networking site has become a must have form of communication. Now that Facebook has exceeded one billion human beings who visit the website, why would any of these millions really care how the company implements any policy?

The reason I pose this question is because of a conversation I read involving a few acquaintances that I hang around with on Facebook. One mentioned that they were tired of the never-ending privacy issues that the company (Facebook) seems to change very often. This person continued to complain that the newest privacy settings made no sense and that they were personally struggling with how to determine which privacy settings would be best for them.

After a few more rants, one of our mutual acquaintances made a very observant and timely statement. he said, “keep your settings the way they have been, stop worrying, and enjoy Facebook and the friends you have met here.” After reading this, it confirmed something I have known since I first joined Facebook. I enjoy using Facebook and interacting with all those who have touched my life, in the past, in the present, and, I hope, in the future.

So when I asked the question: “Would you pay $1 to message anyone on Facebook?” I already knew my own answer to the question. For those of us who enjoy using Facebook, it really doesn’t matter. As long as we stay in contact with one another, with those we care about and with those whom we love, everything else is nothing more than an annoyance.

Since life itself is full of annoyances that we have learned to overcome, Facebook is sometimes just another one of those annoyances that some of us need to live with. I believe that the benefits far outweigh any negatives and, if or when I receive a message from a company, some schmuck, or other person who wants to spend a buck to annoy my privacy, I will try to remember why I joined Facebook in the first place.

What do you think?

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Source: Forbes

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