Do I Need a New iPad?Christmas Day was spent with family and friends. One of the presents that drew the attention of some of us geeks was a brand new iPad that was given as a gift from my son-in-law to our daughter. The other highlight of the day was the gift given to our grandson, by his parents, of the new Nintendo Wii U. Another of our friends brought his new Christmas toy, a Samsung tablet powered by Windows 8, as I showed off my new Nexus 4 phone that I received just before the holiday arrived. Oh, there was also a new Samsung LED/LCD HDTV to admire as well, which was recently hung in the game room.

The day was all about technology as we shared and showed off our new devices. But once the accolades ended, there was one thing that we all agreed upon. Next Christmas there would be more devices to place in our Christmas stockings that would be improved, less expensive, and even better than what we were playing with on Christmas Day, 2012.

I had just read a rumor about the possibility of Apple coming out with a new assortment of iPad tablet computers sometime in March of 2013. So as I sat and watched our daughter play with the latest rendition of what Apple was currently offering, my thought turned to this question: Do I need a new iPad? (Actually, our household iPad belongs to my wife. So does she need a new iPad?)

While the daughter was busy preparing our holiday feast, I observed my wife playing with the new iPad. She didn’t say much while doing so, so after we returned home, I asked her a few questions about her experience playing with the latest and greatest product from Apple. Her current iPad is the original model that I had purchased for her refurbished from the Apple Store in March, 2011. I estimated that her iPad was now just about 21 months old and wondered if she needed the newest model.

Once we settled into our easy chairs, with her iPad already in hand and ready to be fired up so she could continue a Kindle book she was reading, I stopped her so I could ask a few questions before she began reading. So I just blurted out the question: “Do you need a new iPad?” She turned to me with a puzzled look on her face and I could see she was processing the question in her mind.

Here is the gist of her reply. Though the Apple iPad was one of the best gifts I had ever bought her (the KitchenAid mixer being her next favorite), her current iPad did everything she needed just fine. Her comment also took into account her experience using the new iPad and bringing up a Kindle book on the daughter’s new system. She basically stated that she didn’t see any difference. My curiosity now piqued, I explained to her that the new iPad came with a Retina display, two cameras, was lighter, and faster. She said she knew all of that, but liked her original just fine and I’d better not spend $500 on a new one since she had been hinting at buying a new washing machine and dryer, which has taken on a new priority in life.

As we settled into a quiet evening, my mind continued to ponder this response from my wife and how she could compare a washing machine and dryer to a new Apple iPad. How exciting could a washing machine and dryer be? I would much rather have a new iPad. Of course I am the resident geek in the family and my wife looks at technology as just another plaything. So now my only question I had to ponder in my mind was what color the new washing machine and dryer were going to be.

So my question to those who chose to read this article is this: Do you need a new iPad? Share your thoughts with us.

CC licensed Flickr photo above shared by Sean MacEntee