Robots Can Be Fun and EducationalI have written articles about robots in the past, but many of the robots I have previously written about tended to be high-end products. So it was refreshing to learn of a company called Robotics for Fun, which had contacted Chris with information about its website. What I found over at the company’s website was a wide assortment of robots that offered young people fun as well as educational toys.

So what is it that makes Robotics for Fun a must-stop-by website? For anyone who has seen a child’s delight as they get their first view of any type of mechanical device, then you will likely understand what Robotics for Fun’s goal is. That goal is to bring a fun and educational way for young children to learn all about the exciting field of robotics. What better way to get a child excited about robotics than to have the child build his or her own robot?

In addition, this is not just a buy a robot and built it yourself type of company. This is a company that offers local — as well as online — classes to help the child develop into the next future robotic scientist. In addition, Robotics for Fun is a one-of-a-kind venture that operates full time to provide robotic education to any children who enroll in the courses the company offers. So where do you start?

The Basic Robot Supplies will get you up and running. The video below explains what parts are needed to get your first project started, as well as future projects should you wish to proceed. The kit includes a radio, receiver, battery pack, and four continuous rotation servos. The price for the Basic Robot Supplies kit is $180.

Listed on the website are six robotic kits and lessons with varying degrees of difficulty. The lessons themselves range from $80 to $120. In addition, there is the option to purchase a monthly membership with a fee of $140 that includes complete lessons and projects that are sent on a regular basis. You can work along with other members while you complete one of the projects. Plus your membership will include the support that you will need while you learn robotics.

The courses offer an extremely concise, well-designed, and well-orchestrated group of projects that will enhance any child’s ability to learn robotics. Whether the classes are taken in person or online, there appears to be something available for any potential student of the robotic field.

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Source: Robotics for Fun

CC licensed Flickr photo above shared by Sebastianlund