AppleCareOne of the most frequently asked questions we receive at LockerGnome is whether or not AppleCare is worth buying. Should you buy it for a MacBook? How about an iPhone or iPod touch? What makes AppleCare worth the asking price?

AppleCare is one of the few manufacturer-offered extended support policies you can purchase on electronics today. While many companies consider their products to have a lifespan of about a year, Apple offers AppleCare on new purchases that extends the complimentary coverage offered by Apple for an additional two to three years depending on the type of product you’re buying.

What Makes AppleCare Worthwhile?

If you plan on owning your Apple product for three years or more, then it absolutely is worth the purchase price. The longer you own it, the more prone it can be to problems. Having a protection plan that safeguards your devices is a wise move when you plan to keep it past the default warranty period.

Additional support is also offered as part of AppleCare. If you feel that you would benefit from having more than 90 days of phone support for your Mac, then AppleCare would be a better value for you. Having access to Apple support at the Genius Bar and on the phone is a good thing to have when/if you need it.

Accidental damage isn’t totally covered by the plan, but having AppleCare will reduce the cost of repair for damage done during use. This discount can be applied twice during the duration of your extended care period. This is especially important for mobile devices that tend to fall out of your hands.

If your product has moving parts, they will wear out. It’s a fact of life and any electronic device with moving parts is inherently more prone to failure than one without. A standard hard drive that spins up will fail eventually. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Having a protection plan in place in case something like this happens is the best way to protect yourself from failure caused by wear and tear.

This isn’t like an extended warranty you might get at an electronics superstore, mind you. You’re working directly with the brand itself. When you’re working directly with the people who make the devices, you can be assured it will be supported with genuine parts.

You can transfer your AppleCare plan after selling your device to someone else. This adds to the value of the device and can help you recoup more of the costs.

What Makes AppleCare Worth a Pass?

Even if you don’t get AppleCare, Apple will take care of you (it’ll just possibly cost you more for a repair). Moreover, setting up an appointment for a Genius Bar visit is simple for all.

Like an insurance policy, it’s a bit of a waste if you don’t actually use it. You do get the peace of mind of knowing your product is covered in the event of an issue, but if money is tight and you tend to go through gadgets quickly, then the standard warranty should be sufficient.

Apple stands behind its products whether or not you buy AppleCare. I’ve heard countless cases where someone had their device replaced and/or repaired slightly out of warranty by Apple. This isn’t the rule, but it shows just how important customer satisfaction is to Apple.

Do you believe AppleCare is worth buying? Have you had an experience with Apple’s support? Please leave a comment below and let us know.