Thermal Imaging Accessory for iPhone and AndroidThe creator of the IR-Blue has an interesting story about how he decided to develop this accessory for the iPhone and Android smartphones. He had purchased a 100-year-old house that was drafty and he wanted to plug up the leaks. The cheapest thermal imaging camera he could find cost $1,500, so he decided to build his own.

The IR-Blue is touted is an affordable thermal imaging accessory, specifically to be used on the Apple iPhone or Google Android smartphones. Using a 64-zone non-contact InfraRed sensor, the temperatures are read and provided for viewing. The IR-Blue uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your Apple iPhone or Google Android smartphone to show the exact temperature readings in a colorful array, right onto the smartphone screen.

iPhone Demo:

Android Demo:

The company that is developing the IR-Blue accessory, RH Workshop LLC, states that the device is working and nearly ready for production. The company specializes in advanced technologies, design, and product development using affordability through the open source project. The sensor being used in the IR-Blue is still new and not available for wide distribution.

So how much is this accessory for thermal imaging going to cost? The estimated cost for the device is going to be about $150. This is just a fraction of the cost that professional equipment might cost. Many fire departments use thermal imaging to locate victims inside of burning buildings. However, due to budget cuts that some cities have experienced, this low-cost device could be implemented as an alternative to its expensive counterpart.

There is also one other advantage that this project has, and that is the ability to build your own thermal imaging device since this project will be open source.

What do you think? Can you see yourself using this accessory? How would you use a device such as this and why would you use it?

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Source: IR-Blue at Kickstarter

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