How often has someone harped on you for eating too fast? Studies show that shoveling food in too quickly is actually detrimental to your weight. From the time we are little, we’re taught to take time between bites and chew a specific number of times. While the HAPIfork won’t monitor how many times your teeth clamp down on your food, it will help you change your habits when it comes to how fast the morsels hit your mouth.

Before you scoff at this invention, think about this: according to a study published this summer, more than 1/3 of adult Americans are considered obese. I am definitely not one to talk — you’ve all seen me on Chris’ stream, videos, and pictures through the years. I have health problems that cause serious weight gain no matter how fast I eat or drink. However, I’m also someone who doesn’t stop and take the time to truly enjoy my meals. I’m always rushing — there’s always more work to be done, a house to clean, meals to cook, and laundry to do. I admit it: I rush through every single meal. Perhaps I need one of these forks?

There are hundreds of gadgets on the market that promise to help you track what you’re eating. Great! Being healthy, though, isn’t only about what you consume or even how much. We also need to start being more aware of how quickly we’re inhaling every bite.

How to Lose Weight with the HAPIforkThe HAPIfork is here to help. Let’s say you want to make sure you have 10 seconds in between every bite. Set the parameters and then begin to eat. The HAPIfork will vibrate if the utensil touches your lips before the ten seconds are up. Your brain will automagically start conditioning itself to take more time in between bites. Once you’ve retrained your arm-to-mouth process, you can increase the length of time in between stuffing the goodness into your pie hole. How cool is that?

This gadget doesn’t only track how quickly you eat. Once your meal is finished, it will sync up with a smartphone app (of course!) to give you information such as how many bites per serving of food you had, the length of the overall meal, and more. This technology helps you to lose weight in a very simple way: it’s allows you to recognize your limits. When we eat quickly, we don’t always recognize when we’re getting full. As soon as we slow our roll and take a bit more time, that fact becomes apparent and we can then push away our plates.

The application is simple to use. Once you’re done eating, sync up the fork with the app via USB connection or Bluetooth and upload your data. You can keep it to yourself or choose to share it with the world. Either way, you’re doing yourself a huge favor by taking yet another step toward a healthy life.

If it weren’t for the awesome team at AMD, Chris wouldn’t have been at CES to witness this awesome little gadget. Thanks for sending Diana and Chris to Vegas, guys!