Multi-Display Technology in the AMD SurRound House at CES 2013At CES 2013 in Las Vegas, I got to experience AMD’s SurRound House, which aims to demonstrate the tech stalwart’s commitment to “transform[ing] the industry by bringing surround computing to life.”

It’s about how you can get immersed in the experience.

The AMD SurRound House demonstration “represents, in many ways, the future — and the future possibilities — of home theater, home gaming experiences,” says John Taylor, director of AMD’s Global Business Units. “Really, a level of visual and audio immersion unlike any we’ve seen before.” Utilizing AMD’s Eyefinity, the exhibit houses 10 high-definition LED displays powered by a single AMD PC. The PC is driven by an FX-8150 CPU and three AMD FirePro 8000 graphics cards, with 600 megapixels being rendered every second (which is a very high output, at about three times the resolution specified in the Ultra HD television spec). The setup also delivers 32.4 spacial audio (32 channels of audio with four subwoofer channels). The content of the demonstration immerses those inside the SurRound House in an environment depicting a catastrophic series of events designed to showcase how audio and video can be strategically placed, with the viewer (and listener) deciding where to focus his attention. “It’s about how you can get immersed in the experience,” says Taylor.

Though a video of the event doesn’t portray the experience nearly as adequately as witnessing the SurRound House in person, you can still get an idea of what the future of video and audio-enhanced entertainment has in store for us. Virtual reality — at least, as depicted by science fiction — hasn’t yet arrived, but AMD’s bringing us a great deal closer.