One of the coolest things I’ve seen Chris share from CES thus far has to be the Tethercell. This nifty little invention is going to massively shake up battery tech. I don’t know about you, but I have a very bad habit of forgetting to turn things off (or on, when appropriate). I also tend to forget to change my smoke detector batteries until the blasted things start beeping at me — normally always in the middle of the night.

Enter Tethercell. Never again would I forget to turn something off. No more beeping smoke detectors. I could schedule a time for battery-operated devices to turn themselves off or on. Yes — schedule this. That wasn’t a typo of some sort. It’s cool as heck and it’s going to change the landscape as it is further developed.

The idea is simple: Tethercell is a AA battery adapter that you control from your smartphone or tablet. Using the device and the accompanying (free!) app, you can turn your devices off or on, set schedules, and be alerted when the batteries are running low on juice. Heck, you can even Tweet about the fact that you turned something off (or on!) right from the app.

Tethercell Changes the Way Battery-Operated Devices WorkThis may not seem so ground-shaking at first glance, honestly. But imagine the possibilities: save battery life by setting various devices to turn off and on at set intervals instead of leaving them running constantly. Avoid a potential tragedy by knowing it’s time to change the batteries in a device that you rely on for healthcare — before the juice is gone. Amaze your friends by having a toy magically come to life across the room. (Okay — that last one isn’t really important, but you see what I’m saying.)

The Tethercell is insanely easy to install. Take one of the AA batteries out of whatever device you choose. Make sure the Tethercell unit has a AAA battery inside of it and then use the device to replace the removed AA battery. No matter how many batteries are needed to run this particular machine, device or gadget, you’ll only need one Tethercell inside. Once you’ve turned on the item with Tethercell installed, fire up the app on your tablet or phone and you’re ready to connect. The app works flawlessly on any iOS or Android device you own.

What other uses can you foresee for Tethercell in the future? How could further development change the landscape of battery technology?

We have to send a shout-out to our friends at AMD for sending Chris to CES 2013. Without their help, we may never have gotten to lay eyes on the newest technology!

Image: Tethercell (via Indiegogo)