You’ve already paid almost — or more than — $400 for your iPad; why should you pay more for the apps? If you’re a stickler for quality but you don’t want to spend anything on software for your device, here’s a list of four free apps that should strike the balance nicely.

imo messenger

imo messengerChatting with all of your contacts on different sites and apps can get a little confusing. You may end up missing some messages or, even worse, sending a message to the person who must absolutely not see it! To avoid the awkwardness and possible ruined friendships without sacrificing overall convenience, something like imo messenger may be your best bet. It can integrate all of your social media and online messaging accounts under one app. Included in the app are Yahoo!, Google Chat, Steam, and other popular messaging platforms. You can leave the app on to get messages from all of them with a simple chat box, and the messages can always be pushed.


EvernoteA great thing about this app is that it lets you make media-filled notes so you don’t rely on your onscreen keyboard or stylus all the time. You can embed photos, video, and sound in your notes. What’s more is that if you download theĀ Evernote app for the PC, Mac, and your other mobile devices, you can sync all of your notes on whichever device you choose. In this way, whenever you need to refer to your notes, you can always find them as long as you’re logged into your account and in the Evernote app. Keep in mind that the sync capabilities are limited in the free version.


FaceTimeYou may think that FaceTime is just another of Apple’s intrusive native apps that you can’t delete, but you may be shortchanging yourself. What’s great about this is that you can make free video calls to anyone who has another iOS device. This means that you can call anyone with an iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone for free, wherever they are in the world. You do need an Internet connection, however, so make sure that you’re online.

Battery Doctor

Battery DoctorYou may not think it’s necessary, but an app for taking care of your battery during charging is vital. Battery Doctor monitors your charging process and the current passing through your battery. It charges in the optimal way that benefits a Li-ion battery’s lifetime. It also gives you great tips on how to extend your battery’s lifetime and the number of charge cycles. It also reminds you when you need to charge the device in a certain way. Another great feature is that it shows you how much time you have left on your iPad when you’re running low on battery juice.

Obviously, this is a very short list, but I think it covers a few basics that people who benefit most from the iPad experience can enjoy. What are some of your favorites? Please feel free to leave a comment below!