Plantronics BackBeat 216 Earbuds ReviewThese earbuds were sent to me as review units from MobileFun. All opinions, though, are 100% mine.

If I’m at the computer, there is music playing. Period. Considering I work at least 10 hours each day during the week and five to six hours per day on weekends, I am listening to a lot of music. I need earbuds that not only sound great, but are also comfortable. I have tiny little ears and many brands out there end up hurting within a couple of hours. I cannot stand a headset for this long, no matter how light it is. It just bugs me. My hunt for great earbuds has been going on for a couple of years… until now.

The Plantronics BackBeat 216 setup is, well, exactly what I’ve been looking for. I can literally wear these for 10 hours and they’re still comfortable at the end of the day. The cord doesn’t tangle, no matter how much I move around or dance in my chair. Yes, that happens often. No, I’m not providing video proof.

I’m a musician. My dad and grandmother were professional musicians. I hear subtle differences in audio that most people never will. I cannot begin to count how many times over the years that a set of earbuds, speakers, or headphones has made me cringe when I began to listen. I usually force myself to deal with it, but I don’t have to anymore. These little babies sound great.

These earbuds may not have the highest quality on the market, but they are really good. The base comes through nice and clear. There’s none of the distortion you tend to hear in models that aren’t as well made. Higher notes are crisp and as clear as a bell with zero screeching sounds.

These earbuds come with a mic, which is surprising for the low price point. I’ve had a chance now to use these with my iPhone 4S while on a conference call, and was told my voice quality was perfect. One of my clients swore that I sound better than I normally do… and I normally just talk into the phone itself. You’ll find Apple-compatible controls for call management, including use with Siri, music playback, and volume controls. You can manage your calls and music without having to even touch the actual phone!

All of this is wrapped into a package that simply looks good. The cord is a lightweight cloth material, meaning you won’t have to untangle it every time you want to plug it in. The earbuds are a glossy black color with accents of copper. Yes, I’m a fan of pink things — my last pair of earbuds were pink and made by Skullcandy — but these look professional and match anything I wear. Hey, that’s important to a girl!

I definitely recommend the Plantronics BackBeat 216s from our friends at MobileFun. The price point is excellent, the team is friendly and knowledgeable, and I got my products a whole lot more quickly than expected.