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I run an online support group for sufferers of Retinitis Pigmentosa and was thinking of doing a TLDR style video, but was wondering if I would be able to use my iPad camera for vlogging? Also, could anyone recommend any good free video editing software? Thanks in advance!

HDHatThis is a great question, and the answer all depends on your specific needs. TLDR is fairly easy to record because we use a stationary camera in a controlled environment. The audio is consistent and we know what to expect. After having done it every day for over a year now, filming and editing is down to a science. The iPad’s back-facing camera and the latest iPad’s front-facing camera are both passable in good lighting conditions, and the on-board microphone isn’t terrible. It wouldn’t be my first choice, but it isn’t the most terrible solution, either.

Vlogging the way we do it in the daily vlogs is a little different. An iPad would quickly become cumbersome and difficult to manage while you’re walking around in public. Let’s face it: people look strange when they’re using the camera on an iPad. The built-in microphone is also a huge variable in cases involving multiple shooting locations.

Ideally, you should invest in a camera that has decent audio and video. A compact camera such as the Canon PowerShot S110 will deliver excellent audio and video without the need for additional accessories in most close shooting conditions. The lens is also a bit wider than the iPad, which makes it a good solution for shooting yourself without sacrificing a wide angle.

The vlogging camera I use can be found at the HDhat Mobile Photo and Video Store, and you can find a number of solutions there that add a wider angle lens to your existing iPad for better shots up close. These solutions were originally designed for realtors who need to take the best possible footage from within homes to attract buyers. This means having the widest angle possible, and HDhat definitely delivers on that. The result is an exceptional vlogging solution that allows you to get a full picture from arm’s length.