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What is the best free FTP program to use?

FTPYour question strikes a strong nerve within the tech community. Simply put, a good FTP program shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, many people strongly believe that the best FTP/SFPT programs out there are the free ones you can download online right now.

There are tons of options out there for OS X, Windows, and Linux. One of these options is FileZilla, which has both a client and a server available for absolutely free.

FileZilla supports FTP, SSH, and FTP over TLS/SSL. It’s one of the most robust solutions out there with features including keep-alive and full drag-and-drop support. You can use FileZilla with Windows, OS X, and Linux. It’s also available in a number of different languages, which makes it a great choice for international users.

If you’re looking for something with robust options including WebDAV and cloud storage options like Amazon S3, then Cyberduck could be what you’re searching for. You can find it for free on the official Cyberduck website for free with the option to donate to further development if you feel so inclined. It’s certainly a project worth supporting as Cyberduck is one of the most user friendly free FTP/SSH clients you can find on OS X or Windows.

CoreFTP is also a popular option for Windows users searching for a client that supports SFTP, SSL, TLS, and FTPS. It, like FileZilla, supports drag and drop functionality along with an array of different security and file management options that make it an attractive choice for advanced users.

There are many other options out there that you may find more useful than the ones I’ve listed here. The bottom line is that you are free to try as many of them as you can before deciding on a favorite. Not everyone appreciates or cares about having the client with the most features or the friendliest user interface. If you can find one that does what you need it to do the way you need it to do it, then you’re already ahead of the curve.

Don’t be afraid to check out to find additional alternatives with reviews. It’s a great way to find additional software options if what you’ve already tried just isn’t cutting it for you.

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