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I am currently an avid Android user, have gone through several Android devices in the past year, and have had a good experience with Android thus far. I am also an owner for a MacBook Pro, which I love.

My current Android tablet has died out, and I have decided that I am going to get an iPad. The iPad just has a much better app selection than an Android tablet does. But another contributing factor is that I want my devices to work together easier. Since I have a MacBook Pro, I have been wanting an iOS device to help bridge the gap between my devices.

I have been contemplating switching to iOS completely for a while, and haven’t been able to make a clear decision. There are many things that I like about iOS, while there being many things I also like about Android. I haven’t been able to decide quite yet what I should do.

I have tried to even make a pros/cons list to help myself choose, though it honestly just makes me think about it more instead of choosing. For example, I both love and hate the fact that Android has an open nature. I like the choice between different hardware, but hate that some apps just plain suck for some phones. For iOS, it would be restrictions for things that I am used to doing. Why can’t I share directly from the Photo Album? And why can’t I share to any of my social networks from the browser? But I really do like the app ecosystem for iOS, as many of the new apps either come out first for iOS or just work better.

The hardware is somewhat concerning to me as well when it comes to the iPhone. My current device is a Galaxy Nexus, and if I upgraded, I would either choose the 4S or 5. The size of the screen of the 5 is better, but still much smaller than what I am currently used to. If anyone has switched from a high screen-sized phone to the iPhone, please comment on how the transition was.

I am also somewhat invested in the Android ecosystem. I have bought some apps, but not much, and for the most part, most of the apps I use on a daily basis exist on both platforms. I am heavily invested in Google’s ecosystem, however. I use a Gmail account, Google Now, Google Voice, Chrome, and other Google services. Should I switch to iOS?

iPhone 5This is a really popular question, and one that many users are facing as both Android and iOS continue to expand and offer additional features with each new release. It appears that you have a foot in the door with your MacBook Pro, and having an iPhone certainly offers a more complete experience as it works well with other Apple products.

On the other side, you’re already invested in the Android ecosystem to some degree. You’ll need to come to terms with either rebuying or finding alternatives for the apps you have on your existing Android device. The good news is that those apps will be there if you decide to go back, buy an Android tablet, or keep your Galaxy Nexus as a PDA or portable gaming device.

I live in both worlds, though I will say that iOS does have a lot more support in terms of frequent firmware updates and available apps. Because the iPhone has a predictable set of specifications that app developers can plan around, software experiences are more consistent. With Android, you have to make sure an app supports the version of Android your device is running and/or the form factor in which it’s built. Square, for example, doesn’t work on the Nexus 7, but it works on most other tablets and phones. There’s no guarantee there.

In the end, it all comes down to personal tastes and experience. See if you can try an iOS device out for a while and determine if the experience meets your needs. For many switchers, iOS offers a smooth user experience that works well for them. Likewise, Android has huge appeal due to its support of widgets, live wallpaper, and open infrastructure.

Never be afraid to try new things. If you can avoid spending money or signing contracts before trying iOS out for yourself, then you’ll be much better positioned to make the best possible decision for you.