The Ultimate Kindle Fire HD Accessory Pack ReviewThese accessories were sent to me to review by our partners at MobileFun. All opinions are 100% my own.

My fiance received a shiny new Kindle Fire HD for Christmas. While he’s been happy just to have and use the device, he has been hoping to find some good accessories to go with it. While working with my contact at MobileFun, I noticed that they had several Kindle Fire HD accessories available. I quickly settled on something and waited for its arrival so that David could put it to the test.

The Ultimate Kindle Fire HD Accessory Pack came bundled with a leather-style case, three screen protectors, a portable desk stand, a USB charging cable, and a stylus. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many items together for less than $40 and waited with bated breath to get David’s thoughts.

Right away, he loved the included stand. It holds his tablet securely at an angle perfect for reading or watching a movie. It adjusts to five separate heights and angles and is nice and light for easy portability. It’s small enough to actually slip into the pocket of his jacket, even.

The next item opened was the package of screen protectors. David wanted to protect his screen and keep it free of dust and fingerprints. This is when we realized something wasn’t quite right; the screen protectors were too small. Investigating further, we found that the case was too small, as well. I took to the MobileFun site to try and figure out if I had ordered something incorrectly. David’s Kindle is the 8.9″ model and the accessories were made for the 7″ tablet. We pored over the description on the website; nowhere does it say that this accessory bundle was designed for one size or the other. There’s not an option to choose a size during ordering, either.

Due to this, we haven’t been able to test the two cases here at home, either. However, I happen to have a friend who has the smaller Kindle Fire HD, and she was only too happy to give me an opinion! Shelly brought her device over to my house, and we fit the two cases on it in turn. We spent quite a while using the tablet while it was ensconced in each case to get a good feel for how well they would work.

The foldable, leather-style case is very nice looking. It has microfiber inside to help keep your screen safe while the case is closed. There are also little hidden magnets built in that work with the device’s sleep function. Close the case and the machine goes into sleep mode to save battery life. This definitely works, even after using the case as a stand for a while in the folded-out position. The Kindle fit snugly inside the case flaps and there was no worry about anything slipping or sliding when it shouldn’t.

The included FlexiShield case is pretty sweet. It looks professional and cool at the same time. I will be honest: I had doubts about this when I took it out of the package. It feels thin and flimsy, much as any silicone phone or tablet case. I’m always leery that they simply won’t work as well as we would hope. This tough gel material actually provides a lot of protection and has a great feel to it when the tablet is in your hands. It’s easy to get on and, again, fits quite perfectly.

After a week of heavy use, Shelly reports that the screen protectors work better than many of the brands she had tried. The amount of fingerprints, dust, and “icky stuff” (her words, not mine!) was significantly lower than with most other products she’s tried. It was simple to install (as simple as it is to wrestle any screen protector onto a device!) and stayed put. There was no peeling or pulling away from edges after so much use.

I admit that we haven’t used the stylus at all, really. Does anyone out there use one of these at all? I’m sure there are people who do, for specific reasons that I must not understand. I did take the time to try it and make sure it worked. It glided across the screen when it was supposed to and perfectly pinpointed whatever I attempted to open or do. Beyond that, I simply don’t get it. This is not something against this particular brand or model; I truly don’t understand the need for a stylus of any type. If you are someone who uses one of these, there is a nice little loop holder built in to the side of the leather-like case to keep the stylus handy when not in use.

The included USB cord works perfectly and seems to charge the device just as quickly as the cable included with the Kindle when it was brand new.

All in all, I’m happy with this accessory pack. The only “complaint” I had at all was the fact that the website does not differentiate between the sizes of the Kindle Fire HD. This makes it difficult to know if you’re getting the proper product. With that said, though, the actual products were well-made, worked beautifully, and arrived quickly after the order was placed.