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This isn't your grandpappy's paper shredder. The 73Ci from Fellowes, Inc. may look like a standard paper shredder, but its integrated 100% jam-proof SafeSense technology is anything but standard.

One of the biggest problems offices face when dealing with the safe disposal of documents is the paper shredder itself. It's easily jammed, becomes dull, and doesn't always do a very good job of actually shredding the documents. There's always someone in the office who decides to challenge the shredder to see if it can handle staples and other debris. For these situations, there's the 73Ci.

73CiThe Fellowes 73Ci is a 100% jam-proof, 12-sheet, cross-cut paper shredder. It's capable of turning a dozen sheets of paper into 5/32-inch x 1-1/2-inch cross-cut particles with each pass. That's pretty impressive, but that's not all this thing does.

SafeSense technology detects the presence of human appendages and automatically shuts the shredder off to prevent accident and injury. This is especially useful when you have kids around the office who love testing the safety limits of the office equipment.

Perhaps among the coolest features of this shredder are its integrated backlit LEDs and capacitive touch screen for maximum control without the aesthetic drawbacks of bulky buttons. Shredding in the dark? No problem here.

A six-gallon storage bin on the bottom allows you to operate the shredder all day long without needing to empty it. In fact, it will run 10 minutes straight before a 20-minute cooldown is required. It's perfect for offices that end their day with mountains of sensitive documents that require disposal. Call centers, medical offices, and others will appreciate the quiet and efficient design of the 73Ci and the fact that it saves energy by automatically turning itself off between uses.

You might be wondering what the limitations of this shredder are. Well, it won't turn dead branches into mulch or grind your teacher's lesson plans into confetti. Those things are made out of an indestructible material that has yet to be cataloged on the periodic table of elements. This is just a paper shredder, after all.

Fellowes, Inc. has been making paper shredders since 1990. No company on the planet knows the technology better than Fellowes, and it was the first to produce a commercial model. The 73Ci is just another example of why Fellowes really is one of the most trusted names in office technologies.

The new Fellowes 73Ci will be available at office superstores beginning January, 2013 for a suggested retail price of $199.99. Please leave a comment below and let us know which feature of the 73Ci is most important to you.

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