Welcome to the unboxing of the Microsoft Surface Pro 128 gig, running on the Intel platform! I’m very happy to have this in my hands; apparently, these things were sold out — everywhere. To me this doesn’t seem like too much of a surprise since many reports suggested that stores only carried one or two in stock.

When I went to the local Microsoft Store to get this one, I walked right in and was able to walk right out with it (and I posted a video of this experience in Pirillo Vlog 293 — Just Below the Surface). There were people there, but there were no lines. You wouldn’t have even known that Microsoft was launching a new Surface product if it hadn’t been for a sign; there was no huge fanfare or anything.

Still, I’m very excited to have this — if only to compare the Microsoft Surface Pro experience with my less-than-stellar Microsoft Surface with RT (or whatever Microsoft is calling it these days) experience. I’m also looking very forward to comparing the Microsoft Surface Pro with the MacBook Air, since it’s a product best compared to other Ultrabooks and their ilk; really, it’s a bit disingenuous to compare the Microsoft Surface Pro with an Apple iPad.

I also got a red touch cover (all that was available at the time of purchase) — even though I would have preferred a black type cover, I wanted to avoid being lambasted like last time when I reviewed the RT version of the Microsoft Surface without getting a keyboard. Apparently, even though an authority no smaller than Microsoft itself says that the keyboard is “optional,” it’s supposedly really not (according to comments from Surface fans that I got in the last review). We’ll see!

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