Cosplay for Valentine's DayMillions of lonely geeks are finding themselves lonely today, though with the image of geeks and nerds being made more lovable with each passing Valentine’s Day by films such as Napoleon Dynamite and television series such as The Big Bang Theory, it’s getting less lonely to be the nerdy type. A great way to celebrate the holiday — regardless of whether you’ll be spending it with a sweetie, with friends, or alone — is through cosplay. And much like Halloween, Valentine’s Day — the actual day and the weekend following it this year — provides an occasion to dress up as your favorite character or idea and have a bit of fun, regardless of how your date (or lack of a date) turns out.

If you’re heading to a Valentine’s Day party tonight, or if you have a companion who agrees to go out in costume, then you should be able throw together something simply swinging by a local retailer. Costumes are always in abundance at Party City stores, and if you don’t have one in your neighborhood, even Target and similar big-chain stores usually have a few costumes available for holidays. Comic book stores are also a great place to find costumes. If you’re creative and can usually put something together from what you have available in your closet or at a local thrift store, you shouldn’t have too much trouble dressing up as your favorite character from a show such as The Big Bang Theory.

If you have until Saturday to put together your costume, Amazon might be able to deliver something to you in time, such as the the t-shirt in the image that accompanies this post. The red tee printed with the word “Bazinga!” is recognizable to those who watch The Big Bang Theory as one of the many sported by the show’s most recognizable character, Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Head to Google Images and run a search for “amy farrah fowler” to quickly gather an impression of the variety of choices you’ll have available if you wish to enjoy the holiday as Dr. Cooper’s favorite female companion. Wonder Woman would be a great choice if you opt to cosplay as another popular character on the same series, Penny.

But don’t think you’re restricted to films and television series. There’s no limit to the cosplay options available to you. Cosplayers are known for showing up at comic book conventions and similar events dressed as their favorite graphic novel, science fiction, and video game characters. You might want to entice your future fiancĂ© to head to the local arcade as Mario to your Princess. If you and your twin brother are going out cruising for new companions, you might dress up as Mario and Luigi. It wouldn’t be too difficult to throw together a bunch of costumes as the characters of either The Walking Dead graphic novel or television series, since most of the attire the cast wears is easily discoverable at just about any Goodwill store (or in my closet).

Have you ever cosplayed before? What characters or ideas have you dressed up to represent? What costume would you like to wear this weekend or on another occasion?

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