The Mac Essentials BundleBundle. It’s such a comfortable, cozy word, isn’t it? When a baby is delivered into the world, it’s swaddled up lovingly and called a bundle of joy. The word also implies a sort of togetherness: you can’t make a bundle with just one thing, after all — even the aforementioned bundle of joy needs a blanket or a basket or something to really work as an ensemble. And today — Valentine’s Day (may you have a happy one!) — we’re reminded of how much value we place on the notion of being a part of something else, whether it’s as half of a couple, or a beloved member of a family, or even a devoted part of a hardworking team.

The folks who put together the Mac Essentials Bundle understand all of this; driven by the spirit of smart bargains and with enough love in their hearts to share with the rest of us, they’ve brought together not just one (wouldn’t be a bundle, see?), not just two, but nine fine apps that go great together to make your Mac unstoppable.

I don’t know who’s trying to stop your Mac in the first place, but it’s nice to know that it can be made to stand up for itself just in case.

Here’s what you get for only $49.99 (a $310 value — so that’s a whopping 83% off!):

  • TechTool Pro 6 (for performing complete diagnostic checks)
  • Path Finder 6 (for accessing and managing files quickly)
  • TextExpander 4 (so you can type more with less effort)
  • MacHider (Keep your data secret! Keep it safe!)
  • Dropzone 2 (“the Swiss Army Knife of drag and drop for the Mac”)
  • AirServer (for flawless streaming of content from iOS devices to your Mac via AirPlay)
  • CameraBag 2 (for easy desktop photo editing)
  • MacPilot 5 (a simple maintenance tool to keep your Mac’s performance streamlined and quick)
  • IPNetMonitorX (a troubleshooting toolkit for debugging Internet service problems).

Want to know more? Then stop dilly-dallying here and go read up on what the Mac Essentials Bundle entails; it’s a deal that won’t last forever!

The Mac Essentials Bundle: Nine Elite Apps That Will Make Your Mac Unstoppable