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Can you really buy YouTube views?

Buying YouTube Views -- Worth it?
Buying YouTube views — worth it?

The short answer is yes.

There are a myriad of ways that you can buy YouTube views. You can pay someone to utilize nefarious methods (think spam) to escalate views on videos uploaded to your account. Without going into the ethical implications of doing so, this really isn’t advised because, the second your channel is found out, YouTube will do one of two things:

  • YouTube will remove the dubious views (if you’re lucky).
  • YouTube will remove your account entirely (if you’re not so lucky).

Either way, you’re not coming out ahead. You’ve either lost the views that you’ve paid for, or your entire channel and all of whatever history that (legitimately or otherwise) may have been there is gone. The person who happily took your money to cheat the system isn’t held responsible: you are.

You can pay YouTube itself for “advertising” that it says will get you x amount of views. I’ve looked at this advertising and, if you’re a partner — with monetization or otherwise — then it’s still not really worth the money for the views that you’ll get.

The way that most reputable sources on YouTube recommend for growing viewers and a subscriber base (and the strategy to which I also try and adhere) is to create great content. The content itself and your personality are what will drive people to your content. Follow for follow, like for like, and sub for sub aren’t guaranteed to work, either (though you should still try and reciprocate any appreciation that’s extended to you by your community). Sure, there are people out there who will follow and subscribe to you simply because you followed and subscribed to them, but many of them may not even be interested in your content, your personality, or you.

Building your audience organically — and genuinely — is the big win. Yes, it takes effort. No, it’s not always easy. In the long run, though, it’s far more worth it than trying to buy your way into the big leagues. It may take two or three years — yes, years — for you to “make it big” (and you may not even “make it big” according to your own standards). However, you’ll eventually attract a large enough audience that is interested in you and what you do if you keep at it. These are often people who stumble upon a link to you by happy accident, enjoy your content on its own merits, and then share it with their friends (and so on). These are the kinds of people you want in your audience!

I hope this helps.

Image: YouTube Cafe by marioanima (via Flickr)