About the Mobile World Congress: a Gadget Lover's TakeOne of the biggest events about mobile gadgets is about to unfold, and I can’t help but feel giddy as I count the days to February 25. No, I won’t be going to Barcelona for the coming Mobile World Congress, but staying on the loop about the event is easy when you have the Internet. Now that it’s less than a week to go, more and more rumors are spreading about the possible products that will be unveiled. The tech juices are oozing out of rumor mills, and if even half of these rumors bear truth, the future of mobile is looking pretty exciting.

There are several key players in the yearly MWC, and most of them are into Android devices. Samsung will surely be there, along with LG, Sony, and HTC. These names are all battling for Android supremacy, so we can expect them to field their future flagship phones to be released within the year. As expected by everyone, the MWC is a big PR event for established brands and up-and-coming names alike. This event will serve as a gauge for how well they’ll do for the year, depending on the buzz that their units generate. Every brand will try to release a polished prototype so that they’ll get expert feedback that would allow them to adjust accordingly before official release.

How the MWC Affects Me

For a gadget lover, the MWC will dictate my choices for the next few months. I try to update my “toys” as much as I can, so an event that showcases the future smartphones and tablets will truly be useful for my future purchases. As much as I would like to rely on the paper specs that come along with a gadget, I am also influenced by what tech gurus say about a brand’s next phone or tablet. These expert opinions are not unfounded in any way — these are genuine reactions from the time a critic has seen a gadget to the time that they’ve actually tried it out. I would surely love to be there in Barcelona, tinkering with the HTC handset, and playing with some apps on the soon-to-be released Samsung tablet. Reading the reviews of those who actually go to the MWC is probably the next best thing to actually going there.

What’s Expected to Show up at the MWC?

Samsung was never the MWC standout, proven by the company’s poor performance last year when it unveiled the Galaxy S Wi-Fi, an S2 clone without the phone functionality, and the phone + projector hybrid, the Galaxy Beam. But with the rumors about the eight-cored Galaxy S4, Samsung could really create a bang if it chooses to unveil it at the MWC. It could also showcase a new tablet, this time rumored to be an eight-incher, probably as a defiant response to the iPad mini. But I won’t be keeping my hopes up; I don’t want to be disappointed big time if the rumors turn out to be just… rumors.

But since we’re entertaining a few choice rumors at this point, we may as well pay a few thoughts to the one that the MWC could be Nokia’s tablet’s launch party. Nokia, known for its mobile phones and penchant for the Windows OS, could really use a tablet in the mobile market since it doesn’t have one yet. With this development, Nokia could go beyond its uptight business phones and try something fun. And with the mostly positive reception of the Microsoft Surface Pro, it seems that there could be money to be made with Windows 8 tablets.

The name that will really take advantage of the MWC is LG, announcing that it will unveil a myriad of handsets at the coming event. No rumors, no speculations — just a pure, straight-faced push of what it has in store for the consumers. Perhaps the company is banking on the success of the Google Nexus 4, the most successful Nexus handset, proudly made by LG.