Roaring with the OS X Mountain Lion Server CourseYou’re the envy of your colleagues and an object of unending desire among those who admire you from afar and anear, alike. You enjoy the rush of knowing everything under the sun about every potential server and network configuration available, and you’re not afraid to share your wisdom with those who would gladly thank their lucky stars to accept your tutelage.

The problem is, you’ve come up against a formidable, could-be foe who you’d like to befriend. Maybe the real obstacle to a friendship that you’ve not been properly introduced. That foe/friend is Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion Server.

Don’t be catty, good citizen. There’s a place to begin understanding this server’s intricacies and nuances without clawing out your eyeballs. That place is here. The time? Now.

Chris Tarnowiecky (or “Tarny,” if you’re nasty) is an acclaimed instructor who will take you through nine hours of content and over 110 lectures to get you up to speed on OS X Mountain Lion Server; among the things he’ll teach you include:

  • How to install and administer OS X Mountain Lion Server in a commercial environment
  • How to set up services and securely manage Mac services and users
  • How to set up Web hosting, wiki server, iCal server, file sharing and a whole host of other important aspects of Mac Server

So there you go. Once you take this course, you’ll actually know everything about everything. And it won’t take you long enough for anyone to suspect that you didn’t already know everything about everything there was to know about OS X Mountain Lion Server. Crisis averted! Your adoring fans will continue to adore, and you’ll be secure in the knowledge that you really are the pinnacle of arcane server knowledge among your peers. Well done!

The Ultimate OS X Mountain Lion Server Course: $99 Now just $39!