iOS Camera Lens Three-PackHonestly, I’m under no illusion that I’m the world’s most amazing photographer. No, I don’t believe that using Instagram filters qualifies me as some kind of artistic prodigy. No one’s ever mistaken me for a budding Edward Weston or Lee Miller from my modest body of iPhone-taken images. But it’s fun to take pictures, gosh darn it, and having digital snapshots as keepsakes of the times and places where I’ve found myself over the years is motivation enough to keep taking them.

My limited needs allow me to eschew a heavy, dedicated, expensive camera in favor of what my iPhone’s photo capabilities can give me. As Chase Jarvis famously said, “the best camera is the one that’s with you,” and this suits me just fine. The only real drawback to relying solely on my iPhone’s camera for capturing pieces of the world around me is that it’s got a fixed lens. It’s a sacrifice that I make for the sake of portability, to be sure, but I do sometimes envy my friends and their “real” cameras for the lenses they can swap out to suit the situation at hand. I find myself less jealous the more they tell me about how they’ve paid more than what I’d consider to be several months of rent or a first-class ticket to the other side of the world for a single lens, though. And, more often than not, they covet additional lenses that may literally take them years of saving to get at second-hand prices (if they’re lucky).

So they’re the starving artists with the walls of self-created masterpieces, but I’m content enough to be the well-fed tourist with an Instagram feed of snapshots. Still, this doesn’t mean that I’m without options just because I choose the path of inexpensive simplicity. Thanks to some big-thinking geniuses, a three-pack of tiny lenses for iOS devices gives me (and maybe you, too) a taste of the lens-swapping good life on a ramen noodle budget!

For only $25, this iPhone 4/4S/5 and iPad (all versions) compatible set includes a 0.67x wide lens, a macro lens, and a 180 degree fish eye lens; each magnetically affixes over your iOS device’s fixed lens to enhance its capabilities. Check out these examples:

iOS Camera Lens Three-Pack
Fisheye Lens for iOS

iOS Camera Lens Three-Pack
Macro Lens for iOS

iOS Camera Lens Three-Pack
Wide Lens for iOS

Pretty neat, no? In addition, if you don’t care for the silver version of this set, you can get it in black or red, instead! Heck, at this price, you could get all three versions several times over and still not have spent as much as your poor, “real” photographer friend did on one. Again, it’s only $25 for your choice of any one of the following: