Joey Giangola writes:

Hello, Chris.

I’m having a bit of a panic attack after picking up my first tablet today, a 32 GB Google Nexus 7, simply because I left my current Apple surroundings in favor of the Nexus 7’s tremendous value. Not to mention that your “cross platform is the biggest trend of CES 2012” spiel gave me the final nudge to pull the trigger. I decided against the iPad mini because of its slightly larger, less palmable size, underwhelming screen (in comparison to what Apple is capable of), and lackluster processor, which to me did not justify its premium price tag.

I know a good machine is more than just its specs, and the experience it provides is paramount. However, I plan on using this tablet for a while and something like the Nexus 7 — which has a little better hardware and a platform that is starting to get its act together — seduced me into thinking it was the better choice. However, after spending some time with the Nexus 7, I am noticing subtle differences that are making me second guess my decision and even creating thoughts of a possible return.

In all honesty, the next iPad mini is probably the tablet I’m looking for. However, my wife and I will be adding a second +1 to our family with the arrival of our new baby in a few short weeks. Needless to say, the demand for an ultra portable, one-handed device is at its peak. So… should I hold firm on my decision, return the Nexus 7, spend the extra money for seamless integration with my current Apple products, or test my endurance and hold out for the next version of the iPad mini?

Will an iPad mini be a better experience for me?
Will an iPad mini be a better experience for me?

I would say that you shouldn’t feel bad if buyer’s remorse has set in. The iPad mini’s screen may not be Retina, but it’s not horrible either. It may not be truly palmable, but unless single-handed operations are a must for you when it comes to tablet computing it won’t take away from your experience.

If you were happy with your decision, I’d tell you to stick with it. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the Nexus 7, but your experience hasn’t matched expectations. However, you’re not happy, and that tells me everything.

Is your satisfaction worth spending a few extra bucks? Absolutely. Otherwise, you’ve thrown away $200+ on a product you really don’t want. Which is a more insane decision? I’d imagine that the iPad mini would make a “happier” tablet for you, but that’s just a guess.

There are tons of apps for babies on both platforms, but does your baby want an uphappy father? I don’t think so.

iPad Mini by uka0310 (via Flickr)