Ahmed Awad writes:

I’m going into college and I want to try getting into photo and video editing. I can type papers and do homework on my iPad, but do you think it’s necessary to get a traditional laptop for my video editing? If so, I’d likely want to get a Mac; do you think I should go for a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro? I just want to do light video and photo editing, some Web browsing, and maybe some very casual gaming — and, of course, liking and sharing your videos on YouTube!

Is An iPad Powerful Enough To Multimedia Edit On?
Is an iPad powerful enough for multimedia editing?

To be honest Ahmed, I don’t think you need anything more than an iPad if you’re not going to be doing anything more than quick and simple edits. You can easily use iMovie or one of the other multiple video editors available in the App Store. If you did want to do more than really simple edits and effects/transitions, then I would probably suggest a MacBook Pro — with more graphic and processing power — over a MacBook Air.

But if, as you have indicated, your video and photo editing requirements are on the lighter side of an average day, a MacBook Air may be able to suit your needs just as well. That being said, the iPad that you already have can also suffice for photo and video editing, doing your homework, writing papers, and liking and sharing our videos on YouTube. I’d certainly recommend iMovie and iPhoto, but they might not be what you’re looking for and it is difficult to give a truly optimized recommendation without knowing more specific details about how deep into editing you need to get.

The decision may just come down to how comfortable you are with the iPad’s form factor. Fine with it? Stick with the iPad. Want something that just “feels” a little more up to the task judging by machines that you may have used for such things in the past? The MacBook Air will likely also be okay. A MacBrook Pro would, without a doubt, get the job done, but it might be overkill if, like most students I know, you’ve got a pretty strict budget.

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