3D Printer Price: $50? 3Doodler Aims to Make It SoWho doesn’t like to doodle? Imagine if you could scribble a bunch of lines into thin air and have it result in something tangible — something you could pick up and hold? Sounds like an expensive dream, doesn’t it? We have already seen the $35 computer, and now it looks as if a 3D printer price of $50 is about to take the world by storm.

Like a standard 3D printer, The 3Doodler uses plastic wire as a raw material that is melted down, but then it’s cooled via a built-in fan on the tip that allows people to draw 3D objects in mid-air.

This device, which is looking to go on sale later this year, has already been handed to artists who have been busy creating everything from 3D animals to scale models of the Eiffel Tower.

The 3Doodler has been created by a company called WobbleWorks, which has currently drummed up an incredible $2,087,196 — well over its initial goal of $30,000 — through Kickstarter! Quite a strong demand for something we didn’t even know we needed, wouldn’t you say? This device could be used by anyone from the casual doodler to the student to the artist to the business owner, with applications that are as endless as the human imagination. As WobbleWorks has said, “if you can use a pen, then you will be able to use the 3Doodler.”

This 3D printer on a pen will be very easy to operate, and will start ‘printing’ with the touch of the button. Another touch of a button will allow you to spool the plastic backwards and insert a different color. WobbleWorks is looking into making different tips for creating varying line thicknesses.

I, for one, am really looking forward to the 3Doodler. I have never been an arty person, but I am a geek; I think that having a device that is as easy to use as a pen that just allows me to create what I want right in front of my eyes could really help me realize my artistic side.

What do you think? With a 3D printer price of $50, how many ways could you use a gadget like the 3Doodler? Get creative and leave a comment below!

My name is Daniel Colthart, and I’m a 14-year-old geek from March in Cambridgeshire, UK. In class, I’ve always been the computer expert, and blogging about technology has been a dream of mine. Thanks to LockerGnome for giving me this chance to share my voice with you.