Apple Saved My Life!Usually, when someone tells you that they’ve stumbled upon the most amazing, life-saving app for their smart phone, you’re not inclined to take their sentiment literally. But then there’s the Sound Level Meter app, which Michael Eates tells us may have just saved not only his life, but the lives of everyone in his family! Oh, and their property value, too. As Michael explains it, “Apple saved my life!”:

I thought you might find this Apple story interesting. For weeks now I have been hearing a noise in my kitchen, though no one else in the family could hear it. Needless to say, I began questioning my hearing. Well last night I heard it again, and this time it when everyone was asleep. So rather than look like a fool again, I decided to take matters (via the Apple iPhone) into my own hands.

I pulled out the iPhone, opened the Sound Level Meter app — an app that measures sound decibels — and began to track the sound. Quietly and carefully, I began scanning the kitchen in its entirety, looking for decibel spikes. I traced the sound to the floor, and determined that yes, in fact, there was a distinct hissing sound coming from below the subfloor.

Suspecting that I knew what the problem could be, the following morning I called the appropriate repairman. After a few quick hours under my home, the plumber came out and notified me that the tiny pinhole in the pipes — that had apparently been leaking for ages — was now fixed.

The story does not end there! While repairing the leaking water pipe, the plumber noticed that, adjacent to the water pipe, was a leaking gas pipe! Due to the pipe’s location under my kitchen, it had been slowly leaking gas into my home, creating a tragic accident waiting to happen! Of course, we called in the necessary professionals to take care of this problem immediately.

So, thanks to the iPhone and the Sound Level Meter app, I not only should see lower water and gas bills, but there’s no more damage chipping away at my home, and no unexpected hospital visits due to gas poisoning! Apple saved my life!