Galaxy Note II Beats the S4 for Digital IllustratorsWith Samsung’s official introduction to the next device in its Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S4, the casual smart phone consumer may think the choice of which phone to buy is easy: either the currently-available Galaxy S3 or the soon-to-be-available Galaxy S4. With as wide an ownership of smart phones as there is in the US, however, there exists a variety of types of smart phone consumers. And for at least one category of consumer — the digital illustrator — the Galaxy Note II remains the smart phone of choice.

The Galaxy Note II Provides a Better Experience for Many Smartphone Users

When someone recently asked me which smart phone was the best one for a first-time buyer, I suggested selecting the platform that best applies to what you, the individual consumer, intend to accomplish. In other words, what will give you the best experience? The first Android smart phone experience that I found to be truly satisfying was with my Samsung Note II, which I recently stated I had no qualms about recommending over the Galaxy S3. I enjoyed the larger display, the faster processor, the way a stylus was intended to be used with the Note II — aspects of the device that enhanced my own experience of Android, even as the top-selling smart phone remained the S3.

For many, the Note II will continue to provide a better experience than the S4 will offer. The Note II still offers a larger screen, a better battery, and a stylus input experience that the S4 won’t be likely to match. For anyone interested in a tablet-like experience, either devices may satisfy, but the Note II’s slightly larger size entrenches the devices firmly in the phablet category. And for digital illustrators, the Note II is clearly the mobile device du jour.

Now early benchmark testing clearly informs us that the Galaxy S4 is sure to be the fastest smart phone on the market once it arrives. By several measures, the S4 will be probably be the most satisfying experience available. Yet we’ve already had some of our own readers expressing a lack of interest in some of the new features Samsung will be offering with the next device in its S series. I’m of a mixed opinion because I bet some of those features are going to prove to be more interesting once people actually get the device into their hands. It seems clear that different consumers have different needs, and the S4 will satisfy many but won’t be the best device for everyone. For those who want to draw or work with images on their smart phone, the Note II will still provide the best experience.

If you’re not an artist or you need to have the fastest available smart phone on the market, you’ll have a wait until the Galaxy S4 hits the market. But if you’re a ready to use a stylus to draw while on-the-go, there’s no sense waiting when you can buy the Galaxy Note II today.

Please share your experiences about the Note II. I’d love to hear others’ experiences with the device!