How is it possible to make money doing what you love? Dean Turners writes:

I know you have many emails to read and respond to, but I just wanted to say I really appreciate your videos and keep up the good work! I’m completely obsessed with computing and technology. I had my first computer at the age of five, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I’m studying at college (the two years after main public schooling) at the moment and I’m studying psychology, geography, computing, electronics, and CISCO CCNA1 certification. I love computer networking and, for my part time job, I manage business networks in my local area, providing on site and remote support, Web marketing help, website maintenance, and general IT support. I also provide computing and computer network tuition.

Your videos have inspired me to continue doing what I love. In the future I would like to go into network management and manage a large enterprise network. However, I really love what you do! I love to try out, use, and review new technologies. I try my best to pick up and review new tech as it appears.

I would like to start reviewing on YouTube and I would love to do vlogs; I was wondering if you had any tips or advice?

I understand that you are very busy, so don’t worry if you don’t have time to read this in full or reply. My best wishes to you and Diana!

Thank you for writing, Dean! I will start by saying that it takes many years of hard word, dedication, and a true love for what you’re doing to get to the point where I am. I started in 1996 with an email newsletter, and now I have an engaging community on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and beyond.

Community is Key

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: community is the who, the what, and the why of what I do online. If you can build community in an organic way, then that’s the largest win because the members of that community will stay with you. I know you can go to companies that will promote you and can, potentially, get you hundreds of thousands of viewers, but they may not be interested in anything past the content that you’ve created for them.

How can I make money doing what I love?
How can I make money doing what I love?

My only tip when it comes to starting out on YouTube is to jump right in and get started. I could say the same cliché things that everyone else does like “be yourself,” but that may only offer confusion rather than serve as substantial advice. Rather, you should find a niche within the framework of YouTube and put your own unique twist on it. It is your personality that will draw people into what you do.

If you have a passion — be it good or bad — for a product, then tell it like it is. Even if your angle is more in the negative column than the positive, you’ll get people who don’t understand why you don’t like this particular product or company and will flame you because they think this product or company is the best and you’re wrong — and that’s fine, because everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, there will be people (trolls, really) who will just give you hate because they’re bored or like to cause friction; the best way to deal with them: the block button.

Don’t Let the Trolls Bring You Down

The difficult part is identifying the people who are just airing their opinion and the people who are there to troll. It helps to have a thick skin and Teflon shoulders. Why Teflon shoulders? Nothing sticks.

In short, the best way to get going is to actually start. I’d also say to be true to yourself and be unique. Let your personality shine through, because people will want to watch and engage with someone who is real. Focus on being a star trac. Building a community is definitely advantageous, and its members will help you when times get tough or when imposter syndrome strikes. It will take a while, but then again, isn’t that true of anything that’s worth it?

I hope this has helped, and I wish you luck!