Even though I don’t have kids of my own, I take heart in knowing that two of my favorite franchises, LEGO and Star Wars, have some pretty cool free games online for kids. Sometimes they even commingle their talents to give us games that incorporate a little something from both worlds and it sends shivers down my spine (in a good way)!

Without the benefit of having a real, live kid around to rely on for genuine market research purposes, I’m going to have to depend on the kid I’ve held hostage inside of my own heart to let you know about these free games online that happen to make me happy.

Since there seem to be so many free games online for kids out there (with more bound to be on the way — er, both games and kids, I suppose), I’ve decided to turn this into a series. Have any family friendly favorites of your own? I’d love for you to send suggestions my way in the comments below! (For the record, they don’t have to conform to either the Star Wars or LEGO universe.)

Ready? Okay!

Free Games Online for Kids: Ewok Village

Free Games Online for Kids: Reviews and Ratings: Ewok VillageMuch maligned by “real” Star Wars geeks since their appearance in 1983’s Return of the Jedi, the Ewoks from the forest moon of Endor soldier on with their adorable selves, regardless of what anybody in our galaxy thinks of them. In Ewok Village, you play the part of a “wise and powerful” Ewok chief who is charged with developing a tiny Ewok village into a bustling Ewok city.

In the tradition of most building simulation games out there, your goal is to ensure the happiness of your people by building, maintaining, and upgrading their environment. Meters will analyze the village’s overall level of satisfaction (and tell you what’s lacking), and you can even click on individual Ewoks to find out who they are, what they do, and how they gauge your leadership.

Ewok Village is terribly addicting in spite of being fairly simple in concept. You make sure that your tiny Ewok citizens have enough food, shelter, and entertainment, and that they can easily access the entire map so that these needs are never too far away. You put up platforms, the types of buildings that will occupy them, and then you connect these platforms by bridges, ladders, ziplines, and winches (not wenches. I’ve been told that they’re part of an entirely different kind of game that might not be suitable for this series of free games online for kids). Even when you think you’ve maximized these connections, you’ll often stumble upon gaps that must be filled for maximum efficiency. Your little city can look like quite a tangled web after a while. As the game progresses, you level up and gain access to bigger and better stuff.

Make sure your kid is done with his or her homework before you let them establish an entire arboreal Ewok civilization. The forest moon of Endor wasn’t built up in a single school night, after all.

In our household, Wicket really digs this game. Can’t imagine why…