Smart Watch Watch: What Should We Expect?Chris Flores writes:

Good morning! I just wanted to start off saying that I am a recent YouTube subscriber of your channel. My name is also Chris. You did a TDLR somewhat recently that involved the idea of a smart watch and whether your audience even wanted one. I am one of the few perhaps who is excited for the idea of a smart watch. This is because I actually tried a cell phone watch before. Yes, it was from a Chinese manufacturer back when I had AT&T and I was able to simply insert a SIM card. Though there may have been plenty of difficult things to deal with while using the cell phone watch, I just enjoyed the idea of a cell phone watch so much that I didn’t mind. So I had a few ideas of an ideal smart watch that other people might also consider if they would think about buying one in the future. I may be a little late, because the production of a smart watch is probably on its way or even almost done, and I didn’t know exactly who to email about these ideas; I just wanted to put it out there. You seem pretty welcoming, though from your videos, you don’t look too particularly excited for a smart watch! Maybe throwing some of these ideas out there might make you reconsider.

Smart Watch: Swype

I feel the only way for me to text efficiently on a small screen is if it had something like Swype in its best form, with predictive words or something like that. Options with the keyboard would be cool too, because I mastered T9, so I would like to have that option, as well.

Smart Watch: Speech to Text

Something to assist with texting, like Dragon Dictation, where it perfectly converts speech to text. That would be nice.

Smart Watch: Mobile Hotspot

This one might be difficult due to trying to conserve the size of a smart watch, minimizing battery drain, and reducing the literal heat generated by a device’s hotspot activation, but yeah.

If it could be perfected, I think this feature could be a huge selling point in a smart watch form factor.

Smart Watch: NFC

My phone currently doesn’t have NFC, but I’ve heard of it and its capabilities and would enjoy having it on a smart watch. Want to share something? Bam! Touch my watch to your smart phone or smart watch: all set!

Smart Watch: Gorilla Glass 2

Since I’m clumsy and swing my arms everywhere, it needs to be durable!

Smart Watch: Gestures

I don’t know if the first smart watch will feature Android OS, iOS, or something else entirely, but use of gestures would make a smart watch fly.

Smart Watch: Bluetooth Headset

If someone is calling, boom! There is a Bluetooth headset attached to the smart watch that detaches; put it in your ear and it automatically starts up and answers the call. It would have to be small of course, with dual mic, awesome speakers, and noise cancellation.

Smart Watch: Waterproof

Enough said!

Like you, I love technology, but I’m too broke to go out and purchase everything I desire as soon as it hits the market. Once a smart watch actually comes out, I probably won’t be able to get it right away; when that time comes, I’ll probably stick with something like the Pebble or Sony Ericsson LiveView. In a few generation cycles, the smart watch will probably be even more sophisticated than what I’ve imagined above (and vastly more affordable). Maybe not having the cash to be an early adopter will protect me from buyer’s remorse and disappointment with a device that’s not everything I want it to be right out of the gate.

Anyway, thanks for letting me get the reasons I look forward to smart watch technology off my chest. It wasn’t long ago that a lot of people “in the know” didn’t see much value in the iPad, and look where we are today!

Keep doing what you’re doing, Chris!

Image: Watch Innards shared by Richard Jones via Flickr