HTC One X Problems Reported - and Ignored?Encountered any HTC One X problems? It may be a fine phone for some, but others have reported nothing but headaches. For instance, Eran Baruch writes:

I’ve wanted to tell you about my global HTC One X problems and the horrible service that I got from HTC.

I bought my HTC in March of last year as an early adopting customer, and got one of the first batch of the devices. Not long after I started using it, I found out that it had a lot of problems. The screen had yellowish dots at the corners, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth didn’t work properly, the GPS was grossly inaccurate, and it was prone to overheating.

Were My HTC One X Problems Unique?

After a month of research to see if anybody else had these problems and if I could solve them by myself, I contacted HTC. The representative there apologized and told me that, since there is no lab in my country (Israel), I would have to send my HTC One X to Greece in order for the company to fix it. So after I paid 38 euros for delivery, I patiently waited. And waited. And waited. About two months passed.

When the HTC One X came back from Greece, it got stuck in customs because HTC didn’t include all of the correct documents. So I had to take care of customs for HTC, which added another three weeks to the delay.

HTC One X Problems Go on Vacation

When I finally got the phone back, I discovered that the HTC One X problems I’d been having — including what could have been an easily fixed scratch in the screen — came back with it. I contacted HTC customer service again to get the somewhat good news that I could now send it to another location in my own country for repairs.

That’s right. Enough time had passed between sending the HTC One X to Greece and getting it back again that HTC had opened a local repair center in the meantime.

Still, it took another month before I would see my HTC One X again. This time, not only were none of the problems (including that infuriating scratched screen) fixed, but there were a couple of new ones, to boot! The illumination of the soft touch buttons was off and the vibration was no longer working.


HTC One X Problems Persist — Third Time’s a Charm?

So I called HTC again and requested that the company simply replace my HTC One X.

HTC said no.

So now, after all that I’ve been through with this device, I have to lose another work day and get it sent back to the repair center for probably another month that I expect to result in zero satisfaction.

While HTC insists that it’s replaced my HTC One X’s board twice, I find these claims dubious. Or maybe HTC is taking advantage of the fact that the most visible tech media reporters — like LockerGnome — are based in the United States and only experience the dual core version of the HTC One X rather than the substandard version that the rest of the world gets stuck with. This seems to make it a little easier for the company to sweep any accusations of faulty electronic components under the rug.

I’m Not the Only Person with HTC One X Problems

To help save others from the frustration I’ve felt from this whole scenario, I hope you’ll help publicize my experiences to the rest of your readership. Don’t take my word for it, though! I’m not alone in my HTC One X problems:

Thanks for letting me vent, Chris. Wish me luck on a positive resolution with my HTC One X this time around!

Image from HTC and The Royal Book of Oz, by L. Frank Baum and Ruth Plumly Thompson via Project Gutenberg