Free Microsoft games in Windows 7 are abundant, but not always easy for everyone to find (which is probably how you came to find this page in the first place). To make it less of a chore for you, fair reader, we will outline 10 free Microsoft games that you can find on your Windows 7 machine.

These games come standard with Windows 7 and are free to play. If you want to access them, you can use the Games folder via the Start button and search for games in the provided field.

Here’s a rundown of the top 10 free Microsoft games for Windows 7. Enjoy!

Free Microsoft Games: Checkers

Free Microsoft Games: Internet CheckersThe game of Checkers — otherwise known as draughts to my friends in the UK — is one of the oldest and most popular games in the world. Even newer games with more advanced graphics can’t beat this timeless classic (as a Tetris fanatic, my position on the matter of gameplay over graphics is probably obvious by now).

The Microsoft Windows 7 version comes with the ability to play against people from all over the world with use of the Internet. The difficulty ranges from beginner to intermediate and expert. It’s a great way to spend a lazy afternoon, if you have that luxury.

Free Microsoft Games: Backgammon

Free Microsoft Games: BackgammonLike Checkers, Backgammon is an age-old favorite that can be played over the Internet against an opponent from anywhere in the world. It’s got dice. It’s got a board. It’s got little playing pieces called “stones.” The object is to remove all of your stones from the board before the other player does.

In the Bizarro World, they play Frontgammon and try to pile on as many stones as possible before the opponent gets sick and tired of playing and just gives up. A typical Frontgammon match can last for three or four years, which means there are no free Microsoft games to approximate the experience because new versions of Windows come out too frequently.

Free Microsoft Games: Spades

Free Microsoft Games: SpadesSpades is fast-paced card game that takes place between two teams of two players each (that’s a total of four! Me math good like I write English good!); the goal is to be the first team to get to 500 points… or the last to get to negative 200 points.

If you’re a lousy partner, your teammate suffers for it, so being able to make strategic decisions and guess how many “tricks” — that is, rounds — it will take to win is of paramount importance if you want to make a name for yourself on the international Internet Spades circuit.

Think, McFly. Think!”

Free Microsoft Games: Chess Titans

Free Microsoft Games: Chess TitansAh, Chess! It’s the classic strategy game — excellent for kings in courts and paupers in parks for keeping the old grey matter in working order.

Chess Titans comes with premium editions of Microsoft Windows 7 and brings the timeless strategy game to life with 3D graphics and three materials from which to choose for your playing pieces of choice: porcelain (great for playing on the john), marble (for when you’ve lost yours), and wooden (if you want to beat your opponent into pulp).

Chess Titans can be played from difficulty level one (easiest) to 10 (most challenging).

Free Microsoft Games: Mahjong Titans

Free Microsoft Games: Mahjong TitansMahjong Titans is like a combination of solitaire and the ancient Chinese game of Mahjong.

The idea is to match pairs of tiles from the board and remove them until all of the tiles have been removed from the board. This is a great single player game and the difficulty system varies by tile layout, with some layouts being easier or more difficult depending on your skill.

Mahjong Titans is available in premium editions of Microsoft Windows 7.

Free Microsoft Games: Minesweeper

Free Microsoft Games: MineSweeperMinesweeper is one of the most iconic Microsoft Windows games, and it’s back with a slightly improved UI.

This game is deceptively simple. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to uncover all of the empty squares on the board and avoid the mines that are hidden throughout. Accidentally uncover a mine and Boom! Game over.

For some reason, it’s the simplest games that can be the most addicting, and Minesweeper is among the simplest. Beware!

Free Microsoft Games: FreeCell

Free Microsoft Games: FreeCellFreeCell is among the classic free Microsoft games for your Windows 7 machine; it’s another form of solitaire played with a single deck of cards.

The key to your victory is utilizing the four free cells, hence the name, in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

There is only one difficulty level and one player for this game; in spite of this, there is no guarantee that the game will get boring, because each level will be different and will present you with a myriad of different and unique challenges and obstacles.

Free Microsoft Games: Hearts

Free Microsoft Games: HeartsThis version of Hearts is a bit like Spades (above), but you’re a single player against three computer opponents in a man (or woman, as the case may be) vs. machine battle royale!

The aim of this game is to avoid taking undesirable cards, like the hearts and the queen of spades, to get the lowest possible score.

Hearts is simple and, as such, can be quite addicting. You are warned!

Free Microsoft Games: Solitaire

Free Microsoft Games: SolitairePossibly even more iconic than Minesweeper in the free Microsoft games canon is the one we’ve all played at one time or another (just admit it!): Solitaire.

Solitaire is basically a game played against oneself. It uses one deck of cards, and the object is to order the deck into its four suits — hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades — from ace to king.

Don’t get it right the first time around? Don’t worry. You can just keep playing it again… and again… and again until you do. And then you’ll probably play it again.

Free Microsoft Games: Spider Solitaire

Free Microsoft Games: Spider SolitaireWhat’s wrong? Plain ol’ Solitaire ain’t good enough for you? Fine. We’ll up the ante and make it a little more challenging.

Spider Solitaire is played with two decks of cards. The object of this game is to remove all of the cards from the screen. However, you have to do this in the least amount of moves.

You remove cards by making a complete stack of cards in descending order. This is unlike Solitaire, where you’re making a stack in ascending order.

This game comes in three difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Free Microsoft Games: Purble Place

Free Microsoft Games: Purble PlacePurble Place is a three-in-one game that’s designed to teach kids memory, pattern recognition, and reasoning skills. The three games come in the regular three difficulty levels of beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The games are:

  • Comfy Cakes — A game that makes you chef in the Purble Place bakery where you have to complete cakes for the discerning customers of the bakery. The cakes come fast, so you’d better bring your A game.
  • Purble Shop — The game that tests your child’s problem solving/deduction powers. The object of this game is to make your Purble’s face match the mystery Purble behind the curtain. A bit like the childhood favorite of Guess Who.
  • Purble Pairs — Your goal in this game is to find matching pairs. Flip over the tiles until you find two that match. It’s like another childhood favorite called Snap.

As should be obvious by this list, you don’t have to spend a lot of money — or even any — to play games nowadays. If you’ve got Windows 7, you’ve got a bunch of options (and even moreso with premium versions) for free Microsoft games.

However, if none of these are of any interest to you, there is one other option that I can give you from Microsoft that works with Windows 7.

Free Microsoft Games: Microsoft Flight

Free Microsoft Games: Microsoft FlightWhile Microsoft Flight isn’t included with Windows 7 itself, it can be downloaded from Steam for free.

Microsoft Flight is designed to take over from its much beloved Microsoft Flight Simulator X. However, I do know of a few people who don’t like it compared to its predecessor — or even Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. Since it’s free, you can check it out and decide for yourself!

Do you know of any free Microsoft games that we missed? Do you like any of these games? Let us know in the comments!