10 Reasons to Install Wireless Surveillance Cameras in Your Home
Do you think that wireless surveillance cameras are a good idea? Image by Pete Birkinshaw via Flickr

If you want to truly be king (or queen) of your own castle, making sure that it’s safe from the dark designs of the outside world is paramount to your peace of mind. But digging crocodile moats and building sky-high towers is such a 12th century solution to the problem, don’t you think? Get hip to the 21st century and invest in some wireless surveillance cameras in your home, already!

“But Chris,” you say, “that might be fine for loaded celebrities like Ted Danson and Bj√∂rk, but how can an everyday salary earner like me afford such a lavish security system for the safety of my family and myself? That sounds expensive!”

Actually, wireless surveillance cameras can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. Take, for example, the Sharx Security SCNC3605N Wireless b/g/n Weatherproof Outdoor MPEG4 IP Network Camera with Infrared Night Vision and Built-in DVR. For about $350 at the time of this writing, you get a compact piece of watchdog technology that’s not only a camera, but a recorder that can be accessed via home and mobile Wi-Fi networks — something that once would have required a room full of wires, gadgets, and a staff of trained security experts to keep it all running and in sync.

But maybe you think even this all-in-one solution is a bit of overkill for your personal security needs. So just to satisfy your reasonable, skeptical objections, here are 10 reasons to install wireless surveillance cameras in your home.

Wireless Surveillance Cameras Let You Keep an Eye on Things from the Next Room or the Next Continent

Being able to connect surveillance cameras to your home Wi-Fi network opens a world of possibilities you may not have considered. Not only can you watch what’s going on in another room of your house where line of sight would usually be obstructed, but your smart phone — like a tiny window — will let you peer in on that room from your office a few miles away or even when you’re lounging on a beach on the other side of the planet. You don’t need either of great Odin’s ravens to do the spying for you.

Wireless Surveillance Cameras Discourage Would-Be Criminals

Criminals usually prey upon people who they see as being unable to defend themselves and places that are easily infiltrated. At the heart of it, they’re probably lazy (too lazy to get real jobs, anyway). They’ll go for what they see as low-hanging fruit rather than take the trouble to climb the tree for the less easily attained good stuff — after all, why should they go too far out of their way to take something that’s not theirs? Having wireless surveillance cameras within view (but out of reach) around your house will probably make these scruple-free vagabonds think twice before trying to invade your space. And if they do manage to hit your neighbors instead of you, maybe the recording of the criminals standing outside of your house discussing strategy will help police catch them that much more quickly.

Pets Can’t Outsmart Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Pets usually know to be on their best behavior when their humans are visibly around to chastise or reward them, depending. But even the most clever of pets haven’t (yet) learned that wireless surveillance cameras let their humans keep a remote eye on them, so you can get a truly candid look at what your pets are up to when you’re away. LockerGnome’s Ryan Pierson writes:

I left for the store for seven minutes. During that time, my Italian Greyhound / Chihuahua mix decided to get into some mischief. As I’m leaving, you’ll notice he wastes no time in attempting a daring escape. It takes him a few failed attempts, and a potty break in his brother’s food bowl, but the results speak for themselves.

Bad dog!

Wireless Surveillance Cameras Help Back Legitimate Insurance Claims

Insurance companies often insist on having photographic evidence of your belongings in their natural habitat — your home — before agreeing to compensate you for any losses that may arise from disasters that they’ve agreed to cover. If there’s a discrepancy of any kind when you’re making a claim, wouldn’t it be nice to have the backing of a wireless surveillance camera showing exactly what’s been destroyed or stolen and — even better — how it happened? When you can prove to the claims adjuster that an earthquake — and not your seven-year-old kid — laid waste to your multi-thousand-dollar entertainment system, you’ll get less arched eyebrows of disbelief and more compensation from your insurance company. Some insurance companies will even give you anything between 5% and 20% off of your insurance payments for having wireless surveillance cameras in your home.

Wireless Surveillance Cameras Allow You to Monitor Kids

Whether they’re your own kids or the obnoxious, ding-dong-ditching neighbor brats and other pranksters that vex your community, wireless surveillance cameras can be a wonderful way to gather evidence when misdeeds against you or your property occur. While your own kids will probably learn to avoid doing things that will get them grounded when they’re in view of your wireless surveillance cameras (after the first time, anyway), the neighbor brats will likely never mess with you again once you show their parents irrefutable footage of the havoc that their “perfect little angels” have wreaked.

Keep Tabs on Contractors/Babysitters

Sure, this may seem like some sneaky Big Brother stuff. Some would even cry out that using a wireless surveillance camera in such a way is a violation of privacy. But I think that having visual proof that someone who’s working in your home is or isn’t responsible for your home’s missing or damaged items protects people employed to work in your home just as much as it protects you — at least in the cases where such employees are truly innocent of wrongdoing. Obviously, if you catch someone in the act of doing something in your home that they’re not supposed to be doing, you’ll be thankful for having footage to show them as you’re giving them notice.

Wireless Surveillance Cameras Let You See What Wildlife Lurks Nearby When You’re Not Around

Like your house pets (already covered above), wild animals haven’t evolved to avoid the gaze of wireless surveillance cameras in the same way that they’ve learned to avoid the gaze of humans who often want to shoot them and eat them or hang their stuffed corpses in the family recreation room between the fireplace and the ping pong table. But if you put out food in a place that’s within view of specially situated wireless surveillance cameras — especially ones that are weatherproof and can see in the dark, you can get an idea of what goes on in your back yard when the local wildlife isn’t giving you a second thought.

Wireless Surveillance Cameras Help Prevent and Diminish Disasters

When you check in to see what sights your wireless surveillance cameras are capturing and you notice that your living room window has been visibly broken, you can rewind it to discover either a) the kids playing baseball in the street accidentally let a fly ball past or b) a malicious troublemaker threw a molotov cocktail through your window and there’s a very real chance that your house may be on fire — in which case, don’t fast forward to find out! Call the authorities, pronto! Okay, maybe that last example is extreme for most people reading this, but being able to see small problems around your house as they’re happening may very well prevent bigger problems from happening later.

Medical Issues Can Be Monitored with Wireless Surveillance Cameras

If you’re entrusted with the care of an elderly parent or a sick hubby, it may not always be possible to take them with you when you have to pop over to the store for 10 minutes to pick up some NyQuil or extra tissues. And rather than bugging the babysitter (the one you didn’t fire because your wireless surveillance cameras proved that it was your pet Komodo dragon and not her who made your iPad mysteriously disappear), wouldn’t it be nice if you could watch the status of your loved one from your smart phone while you’re away? If that elderly parent has a misstep and breaks a bone far from reach of a phone, you’ll notice immediately and be able to contact emergency services to ensure his or her safety.

Having Wireless Surveillance Cameras is Cooler Than Not Having Wireless Surveillance Cameras

I had to include a “miscellaneous” reason for having wireless surveillance cameras because there really are too many reasons to count. Wireless surveillance cameras can make you feel like The Jetsons (sans flying cars and robot maids). Wireless surveillance cameras could help you prove the existence of Bigfoot or little green men. Wireless surveillance cameras could be instrumental in playful pranks played on trick or treaters visiting your house on Halloween night. Wireless surveillance cameras give you a sixth sense about what’s going on around you when your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and hands can’t extend far enough. Whether they’re directly saving your life or property or simply giving you peace of mind, it’s better to have wireless surveillance cameras in your house than not having wireless surveillance cameras in your house.

What reasons can you point out for having wireless surveillance cameras around — or not having them around, if you tend toward that view? Please sound off in the comments below and tell us!