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Interview with a Creative Agency: FILTER DigitalQ: Filter Digital has a long tradition as a staffing agency since 1990 with offices in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. In more recent years you’ve grown into a hybrid creative agency of sorts. Could you explain what Filter does?

A: Filter is an agency that specializes in digital content and the people who create it.

We have the most valuable and effective content creators in the world. Together we can help create, manage, and publish content that connects people and brands.

Q: Can you talk more about what digital content is and how you create and manage it for brands?

A: Digital content is any content or products created in digital form. Filter pairs a proven content publishing model with content strategy and creative talent. This combination supports a range of brand initiatives from high-volume, turnkey content publishing to innovative content-driven experiences. Whether you’re looking to build out your team, choose the right platform, or for end-to-end experience design across multiple screens, we can help.

All your content will be published with an eye on results. We take a strategic look from the start, defining how your content needs to perform and the returns you want to see — even creating content that drives entirely new revenue streams.

Filter and our powerful base of 10,000 content creators has been working in this space for more than 10 years, for major brands and franchises such as MSN, National Geographic, and HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Meet the FILTER team about eight minutes into this video.

Q: On the staffing side of things, you’re hiring! That should be music to the job-seeker’s ears. What kinds of roles do you place and what kinds of skills are you looking for?

A: We have built an incredible talent base of designers, developers, and project managers for creating all things digital — from Web, mobile, tablet, gaming, and more! From the front end, to the back end, we’ve got the roles and talents to execute and deliver digital content.

Q: I’ve seen the term Filterati thrown around on your social networks. Who are the Filterati?

A: The Filterati are all inclusive of the talent, companies, and brands we’ve worked with on a variety of levels. We have 400 full-time employees across four West Coast offices (creative professionals with industry and audience expertise across a range of mediums), and 10,000 digital specialists in our talent pool with disciplinary expertise in design, content, user experience, technology, and delivery. Included are also our strategic partnerships with world-class agencies and productions companies specializing in film, photography, and so much more!

Together, the Filterati has created a set of Filter Tribal Values that reflect who we are and how we work:

  • Expose yourself. Be real.
  • Do what you know is right. Now.
  • Celebrate contribution. Share success.
  • Think fresh. Be courageous.
  • Truth heals. And sometimes it hurts.
  • Love. Yes, love.

Q: So, whether you have a content conundrum or a thirst for talent, Filter is basically a one-stop shop for digital needs?

A: Exactly. We’ve got the people, the processes, and the platforms to support, manage, and deliver digital solutions.

Q: Finally, because you guys have some of the best swag at events you sponsor, could you explain the method behind your madness?

A: At Filter, we like to make a scene. Historically, we’ve used traditional channels of marketing such as public relations firms and email blasts. What we’ve found is the best way to engage with your audience and create buzz about our brand is in the way we show up to events.

We know our audience in the digital community, whether events or meetups, and we know what resonates with our audience on an emotional and lifestyle level because it is what also resonates with us (like sci-fi, pop culture, and geekery). We use these things as inspiration for our brand messaging. Since we are in the business of people, why not let those people carry our message in the swag they receive and the experience they have with us?