The Most Useful Custom Keychains
What do you have on your keychain? Image by Joe Loong via Flickr

Picture the scene: your car has broken down on the interstate; all that is needed to get you back into moving traffic is a Phillips head screwdriver, but you accidentally left your travel toolbox in your garage the last time you were spring cleaning, and flagging down someone on the off-chance that they might have one with them seems like a long shot. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you just happened to have one with you at all times without having to give it a second thought? Thankfully, there are custom keychains for that very purpose.

In fact, because you’re likely to have keys on you at all times whenever you’re away from the comfort of home, there are functional and useful custom keychains for nearly every eventuality.

Just for you, gentle LockerGnome reader, here are a few of the most useful custom keychains that I have found with the help of our old friend, the Internet.

Custom Keychains: Corkscrew Bottle Opener

Custom Keychains: Corkscrew Bottle OpenerAs a wine lover, there’s nothing more frustrating than having the precious, delicious elixir mere millimeters away, locked within the confines of its glassy imprisonment, ineligible for release because you forgot to bring a corkscrew — itself a key of sorts. The True Utility TU48 Twistick Functional Stainless Steel Key Ring Corkscrew is simple yet elegant in design and is a surefire way to ensure that you’ll be prepared whenever there’s wine nearby that needs opening. You’ll be the hero of any party! Of course, if you get pulled over by the cops on your way home with wine on your breath and an obvious bottle-opening implement attached to your car keys, you may be looking at a key-free life behind bars for quite some time. Please don’t drink and drive.

Custom Keychains: Mini Keychain Breathalyzer

Custom Keychains: Mini Keychain BreathalyzerIf you’ve used the corkscrew above to open a bottle or few of your favorite wine to (it is hoped) share with your friends, then it might be prudent to have a Mini Keychain Personal Breathalyzer in the space directly adjacent on your keyring to serve as a very important reminder that driving under the influence is strictly verboten. If you think that enough time has passed between your last glass and the need to get behind the wheel of your car to drive home, it’s better to be safe now rather than sorry later. Test yourself with this personal breathalyzer before the highway patrol has to do it later. This device will give an LED readout and tell you whether it is safe to drive home or not.

Custom Keychains: Multi-Function Pocket Tool

Custom Keychains: Multi-Function Pocket ToolTrust the people who brought us the ubiquitous Swiss Army knife to come up with a clever update to the idea. The Swiss+Tech ST53100 Micro-Max 19-in-1 Key Ring Multi-Function Pocket Tool blends its ingenious use of space with sturdy engineering to bring us two hex wrenches, six screwdrivers, pliers, a bottle opener, a wire cutter/stripper, a wire crimper, a hand drill, a file, two rulers (mm and inch), and two ruler extensions all wrapped up into one handy package that makes it a king among custom keychains.

Custom Keychains: LE 8 GB Metal Key USB Flash Drive

Custom Keychains: LE 8 GB Metal Key USB Flash DriveThe LE 8 GB Metal Key USB 2.0 Flash Drive is small enough to get lost among the rest of your keys, but big enough to store entire operating systems or a smaller suite of utility programs to help you in case of computing emergencies. 8 GB may not sound like a lot of space these days, but you can still do quite a bit with minimal storage. It’s got a reading speed of 30 MB per second and a writing speed of 10 MB per second, so you’re not going to have to wait around all day to transfer data between the drive and your computer.

Custom Keychains: Klippy

Custom Keychains: KlippyTypical keyrings are great for securing your keys and making sure they don’t make a clandestine escape when you’re out and about, but they can be a bit of a pain when you’re in a hurry and you just want to affix them to your clothing or other reliable surface for safekeeping. Klippy solves this problem by snapping into place like a mountain climber’s carabiner and keeping your keys exactly where you want them. If this technology works to keep entire people from careening over an Everest precipice during a snowstorm, then you can bet it’ll keep your Volkswagen’s keys from flying off your pants and under the counter of the local lunch stop.

Custom Keychains: sWaP Nova Mobile Phone

Custom Keychains: sWaP Nova Mobile PhoneThe fact that most of us now carry around some type of mobile phone with us everywhere we go makes the once-dependable pay phone very difficult to find these days. So what happens when you forget your mobile phone at home, or you’ve lost it, or your battery isn’t as charged as you thought it was, but you’re in an emergency situation where contacting another human being for assistance is crucial? Having a backup mobile phone attached to your keys in the form of a sWaP Nova could be a life saver!

These are just a few custom keychains that could help you out of a jam. Or a pickle. Or a raspberry preserve. Perhaps you’ve found a particular keychain-bound implement to be a boon during a time of crisis? Please tell us about it in the comments below and maybe we can expand this list of helpful custom keychains!