Hulu Celebrates Summer Movie Season with Trailers!
Image: Public Domain

Who doesn’t love summer movie season? I’m praying you guys do as much as I do, because part of the reason I have a Hulu subscription is the trailers. You’re talking to someone who sees everything that she possibly can get and makes it a habit to spend two months watching the Oscar lists each year. Yes, that’s me.

Let’s face it though: not every movie is an Oscar winner, and that’s perfectly fine with me! I will hopelessly tout my love for Michael Bay’s Bad Boys series and never understand why we can’t just have Vin Diesel be in everything. (Seriously, everything.) I’m madly in love with movies of all sizes, and so the summer movie season is my absolute favorite.

We’re not going to ignore May, you guys. If you’re unaware, May is generally the kick-off to the summer movie season. This is when big flicks like Iron Man 3, The Great Gatsby, and Fast 6, the sixth film in the Fast & Furious “saga” come out. Tons of other flicks get released in May when the industry knows that people are letting out of school, graduating, and ready to have a damned good time. This is the month of less focus and Big Hollywood makes a ton of money off of the backs of our exhausted collegiates; we’ll give money away in large buckets if it means we get to see explosions, the tropes of the guy getting the girl, and possibly some good ol’ fashioned nudity for no reason. Oh, and superheroes. Always superheroes.

Now, like I mentioned previously, Hulu has an amazing selection of high quality trailers and channels of them are awaiting you — if you’re like me and you want to see what’s coming out this summer. Let’s get into it! I bet you didn’t even know some of this stuff was coming out this year!

Hulu: We’re the Millers

Of the more recent Saturday Night Live cast members, Jason Sudeikis has become a fast favorite for his clean-cut good looks and his versatile nature of being able to go from fratboy to best friend’s stepdad in a matter of a wig change and a smirk. He’s fun and has one of the best wide-eyed deadpans you’ve ever seen, and that means I want to see most of the films in which this guy gets involved. (With the exception of Hall Pass. What the hell, Jason? That was dreck and you know it.)

We’re the Millers has more than Jason, though; it’s got Jennifer Aniston, too. They’re two misfits who live near each other and put together a scam in order to bring a lot of drugs into the country from Mexico. Aniston plays a stripper to Jason’s drug dealer, and the two of them latch a couple of teenage troublemakers in to pretend to be a family on a trip to Mexico because, supposedly, Immigration doesn’t doubt families on vacation. Shenanigans, my friends, obviously ensue, but if the trailer is any indication, this one’s going to be fun.

Hulu: Riddick

Nobody gives Vin Diesel any credit and that, sad to say, is a damned shame. Pitch Black is when we first meet the titular character of this up and coming flick and that was when I first fell in love with Richard B. Riddick. He’s a murderer with a backstory and an attitude that endeared us all into watching The Chronicles of Riddick and, immediately, we sank back in our seats and forgot that Pitch Black was as good as it was. Well, Vin Diesel wants to remind you and made sure that he got Riddick made. Reuniting with David Twohy, who directed Pitch Black, he brings you Riddick: a gravelly voiced troublemaker who is terribly misunderstood and wants to get the bad guys more than you do — by any means necessary.

Note: This is the best time for you to go on Steam and get the Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Dark Athena game and catch up on the brilliant backstory turned into a video game that got a re-release a few years ago and an HD upgrade. Of all the movie franchises that brought games into the world, this title is still my all-time favorite. Beautifully written, scored, and voiced, it will entertain you while telling a stellar story.

Hulu: The Wolverine

Yes, Marvel would have you believe that Hugh Jackman could easily be Wolverine forever. Jackman’s portrayal of the most badass of the X-Men has made a lot of money in the movies so far and he’s back, but this time, he’s in Japan. What is he doing there? You can’t glean too much from the trailers, but he’s definitely going to kick someone’s ass and chomp on a cigar or two before it’s over.

Hulu: Pacific Rim

We never, ever, ever see huge monster movies out here, do we? No! Japan cornered the market on the massive monster flicks with Godzilla and this time, we’re getting one. Pacific Rim’s trailer already wins me over with Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam narrating (and starring) in this flick showing a massive monster breaching our shores and what we’re going to do to take it the hell down. With a sound byte of the voice of Portal‘s GlaDos, massive weaponized robots, and violent togetherness in the form of “cancelling the apocalypse,” Pacific Rim looks like everything I need it to be.

Hulu: Man of Steel

You didn’t think DC was going to let Marvel off that easily, did you? It already had Iron Man 3 in May and it’s been working on its Superman answer to The Dark Knight with Man of Steel. With 300‘s Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan producing, DC tosses Henry Cavill and Amy Adams together and crosses its fingers.

I’m excited for this movie, but even more so, I’m excited for this movie not to disappoint people. I want to see it surprise folks who have been hoping for Zack Snyder to do something beautiful to one of the most beloved superheroes of all-time. For those who think Supes is just a pristine good guy with no backstory worthy of anything but a cereal box, I hope this gives you something to talk about. Let’s get the kids back into the comics, people!

Hulu: The World’s End

We’ve been waiting for Edgar Wright’s Blood & Ice Cream trilogy to come to an end. Starting with Shaun of the Dead, blazing through Hot Fuzz, and ending at The World’s End. With Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, and a host of beloved British funnymen (and women!), it tells a story about friendship and saving the day. Edgar Wright took some time to make a few other tiny movies (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World — maybe you guys heard of it), but now he’s ready to finish out the trilogy the right way. Pubs, aliens, and a love story for the ages between best friends and gals in the midst of saving the world. Can’t wait!

Hulu: The Lone Ranger

Now we’ve been hearing about this movie for ages, but come July, we actually get to see it. Armie Hammer, who you may remember from The Social Network as both Winklevoss Twins, was given his first feature. Johnny Depp plays the Tonto to Hammer’s John Reid, the Lone Ranger. Tonto recounts the events leading up to Reid waking up and ready to become a masked man of Justice.

Is it possible? Is Armie Hammer going to become our new leading man in the movies? There’s talk he’s going to be our Bruce Wayne in the Justice League flick that might be seeing the light of day. If anything, this will entertain kids and maybe get boys and girls back into playing that age old and rather disturbing game of Cowboys and Indians, right? If nothing else, it will be a damned good time that will replace whatever pirate movie Depp isn’t making this year.

Now most of you may have noticed that I didn’t list off a ton of genres you may all be excited about and yet I left them! Why did I merely list a handful of flicks? Where’s the horror, the romance, the arthouse dramas, and the animated movies? Because other than some sequels and fairy tales being repackaged by DreamWorks, there’s nothing new coming from some of those places, folks. Honestly, American horror has long been a sad, sad place and that’s not what I look at for enjoyable summer entertainment! Come back to me in October! For now, this is about the superheroes, the comedies, and the fast car action flicks! Let’s see that all come out and go crazy, shall we?

Note: The Riddick trailer did not seem to work on Hulu (It does if you search through consoles, but not online).