The Galaxy S3 Accessory Pack and Case Mate Screen Protectors were sent to me for honest review by our friends over at Mobile Fun. All opinions are 100% my own.

I bought my fiance the Galaxy S3 for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. We had been idly looking around for accessories but hadn’t found anything that jumped out and screamed “buy me!” When my connection at Mobile Fun asked if I wanted one of the Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessory Packs to review, I jumped at the chance! I knew David would put the items through their paces and give me his honest opinion. As usual, he didn’t disappoint!

What’s in the Galaxy S3 Accessory Pack, Jack?

Galaxy S3 Accessory Pack and Case Mate Screen Protector ReviewsIncluded in the kit — which will cost you around $25.00 — are six items that you may not even realize you need. He received a desk stand, car holder, FlexiShield Skin, mini portable desk stand, car charger, and five MFX screen protectors! One of the screen protectors was put onto the phone immediately, and he’s absolutely happy with it. The glare and smudges are gone. There aren’t constant fingerprints on the device, and it went on very smoothly without many of the tiny bubbles that are inevitable with other brands of screen protector.

The car charger works beautifully and is surprisingly fast. We can plug his phone in on a short trip and it will recharge the battery almost to capacity! The car holder is pretty sweet, as well. We hadn’t even thought we would ever use one, but we have found it to be something we definitely won’t go without anymore. The phone sits in it snugly and we can easily see directions without having to glance away from the road.

When Looking for Galaxy S3 Accessories, Don’t Forget Screen Protectors

Galaxy S3 Accessory Pack and Case Mate Screen Protector Reviews
You can bet your bottom dollar that I’d pay top dollar to avoid fingerprint smudges on my touchscreen devices. I’m happy to report that Case Mate Anti-Glare Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protectors do the trick without breaking the bank. [Image by Jack Spades via Flickr]
My contact also threw in a package of Case Mate Anti-Glare Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protectors for my beloved iPhone 4. I am very picky about the type of screen protector I use. I absolutely cannot stand to have glare on my screen, as my eyes are very sensitive. I also tend to hyperventilate a little (okay, perhaps a lot) if there are fingerprints and smudges everywhere on the screen.

In the past, I’ve been disappointed with several brands I’ve tried. I have to say it, though: these Case Mate screen protectors are awesome. While they aren’t the best I’ve ever tried (that is reserved for Steinheil), they are a very close second. That’s saying something, considering I’ve tried more than 20 brands/types and there are probably a hundred more out there.

This particular screen protector went on even easier than the Steinheils I love so much, believe it or not. I’m not the world’s best application expert and always end up having a bubble somewhere. Not so with this one! The feel of the protector is almost non-existent, which is a good thing. You don’t want to constantly feel something weird under your fingertip every time you swipe the screen. There’s no interference or stuttering like you can find with some cheaper brands, either. The scrolling is completely smooth.

All the Preparedness, None of the Fingerprints

No more fingerprints! Yay! This makes me a happy person. There are some smudges though, but they wipe off easily at the end of each day using my trusty buffing cloth. I’ve been rocking this particular screen protector for nearly a month now and it’s showing zero signs of wearing out. This is pretty impressive, as well.

I’ve been fortunate to work with Blake and the team over at Mobile Fun several times now. The products they’ve sent me have always exceeded my expectations, and the service is phenomenal. I’ve found it very easy to get a hold of people and have my questions answered. In this day and age, customer service is just as important as the actual product. This company is definitely rocking both.