10 Reasons to Use Deal Sites
We prefer using deal sites to buying things that people offer us from coat pockets on the side streets of shady neighborhoods. Perhaps you have your own reasons for using deal sites? [Image by Doc Searls via Flickr]
This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Deals2Buy, one of the foremost deal sites that compiles bargains, coupons, and sales from all over the Internet and presents them in one place for your consideration. All opinions expressed are 100% my own (with more than a little help from the greater LockerGnome community).

With the Internet making it easier than ever for savvy consumers to thoroughly research goods and services before deciding to plunk down their hard-earned cash, people who buy and people who sell have found countless reasons for using deal sites to explore the state of the ever-fluctuating market.

Whether you’re in this market to pick up something for less than you can find it anywhere else, or you’re in this market to unload excess stock at discount prices that might prompt some to call you crazy, deal sites like Deals2Buy can be more useful than you might realize.

Here are 10 reasons to use deal sites, no matter which side of the buying/selling line you happen to stand.

Deal Sites Will Save You Money

Of course this is the main reason that anyone would even think to turn to deal sites in the first place. If there’s a chance that you can pay less for something you’re going to buy anyway, why not shop around and see who’s offering it at the most consumer-friendly price?

Ian Jackson writes: “I once got a deal for movie tickets at four bucks each, and another time I spent $5 for a $10 dollar gift card to a store where I would have shopped anyway. You’d have to be foolish not to take advantage of deals that are out there if they knock down the price on things that you’re going to buy, regardless.”

Communities That Surround Deal Sites Have Your Best Interests at Heart

Even if you have a healthy distrust of salespeople, your fellow consumers will go out of their way to tell you if they’ve had good or bad experiences around their purchases.

Stephen Bagge writes: “The comments on the deals are usually good insight to decide if something is actually a good deal. Deal sites can give you a good idea of what you’re getting — is it a good product on sale, or junk they are just trying to clear out of a warehouse? You can find out how much of a discount you’re getting compared to the lowest standard retail price so you can see if it’s actually worth it.

And if you’re a marketer, you can gauge a community’s reaction to your goods and services by how its members candidly discuss them among themselves.

Deal Sites Help You Make Comparisons

An informed consumer is a consumer that will make the best purchasing decisions based on factors such as quality and price.

Michael Dowis writes that he uses deal sites for “price comparison. Kind of like shopping around, I guess; I make comparisons, then whoever gives the best deal, I go with them. It kind of dictates where I shop.”

Deal Sites Can Be Entertaining

Hey, if people can be entertained for hours by the current roster of reality television, does it really come as any kind of surprise that perusing the deals that are out there could be seen as a form of entertainment in and of itself?

Simon Wiesner (a real wiseacre!) writes that he thinks deal sites can help an average consumer “get on TLC and show the country how much liquid detergent you have in your basement.”

Even if You Don’t Find What You Came for, Deal Sites Can Help Find Alternatives

You may dive into deal sites looking for a very specific product manufactured by a very specific manufacturer, but stumble across something quite similar with reviews that knock your original target out of the water.

If you’d not gone poking around deal sites like Deals2Buy, you’d likely never have known of its existence (or learned about it after a regretful, non-refundable purchase of the first item).

Deal Sites Free up Your Resources So You Can Buy Other Things

Nathan LaPlante writes: “I do not make a lot of money, so saving money or getting cash back by using deal sites helps! Then I have money left over to buy geek gadgets.”

Maybe you just use deal sites to take care of essentials like food and fuel so that you have money left over to pay top dollar for things that aren’t usually offered at a discount — like geek gadgets, as Nathan (surely employed as a sage, guru, or other dispensary of wisdom for the masses) says.

Deal Sites Help Round Out/Complete To-Do Lists

At Facebook, Gewrgios Triantis writes: “You get ideas to travel destinations that you didn’t think of, also for some DIY-ing (do-it-yourselfing) that keeps getting postponed.”

We all have to-do lists of things we want to do, places we want to visit, and stuff we want to buy. But sometimes we need inspiration to really round out these lists and make them complete — there’s nothing more humbling than seeing that your best friend’s to-do list is so much more exciting than yours, right? Maybe you never thought of Fiji as a viable travel destination until you spotted an airfare and hotel package at your favorite deal sites that let you visualize it as much more affordable than you ever imagined.

Now you’ve got something cool to put on your to-do list! Or maybe you’ve always had a vague notion of installing a koi pond in your backyard, but had no idea where to begin. While browsing deal sites, you happen upon a Koi pond building kit that’s within budget and could make for a fine weekend project for you and your family.

The family that gets its hands dirty together stays together. DIY power!

Deal Sites Help Publicize Good/Bad Products and Services

Ashley Wainewright writes that deal sites can help a consumer “build exposure for restaurants or places that he or she would like to recommend beyond his or or immediate word-of-mouth circle of friends; this also works the other way around for warning people about places to avoid.”

Consumers, of course, benefit from having as much information as possible about what’s available to them when they’re shopping. On the other side of it, it’s easy to see how this kind of publicity can work for or against a business, so it’s in the best interest of any business owner to keep an eye on what’s being said about them on deal sites across the Internet.

If a business is enjoying overall good publicity, this can be encouraging to the morale of the entire operation and guide staff to be aware of where this positive energy is best spent. If a business is seeing more negative commentary than positive, though, being aware of and responding to it will help alleviate problems and redirect resources accordingly.

We all know that people are sometimes hesitant to tell us directly when they have problems with us, but have no compunction about sharing that displeasure with a third-party. Deal sites are an incredible resource that let business owners get an honest handle on how people really feel about them.

Deal Sites Help You Monitor Competition

At Google+, Bill Hartzer brought up a great reason to use deal sites that I hadn’t even considered: “to see what coupons your competitors are posting.” Of course! If you’re in the business of selling something (and, at the core of it, aren’t we all — at least to some degree?), you want to keep an eye on what your competition is up to.

Deal Sites Can Help You Sniff Out Job Opportunities

Michael Andrew Jones writes in with another reason to use deal sites that I hadn’t considered: “I go there to offer my marketing services… they clearly need them!”

Okay, maybe that last one’s a little tongue in cheek because the visual aesthetics of deal sites like Deals2Buy may not be set for a global tour of the world’s most prominent art galleries, but that’s not why they exist. Google search has always been pretty low-fi in design and it rose up to rule among a formidable army of search engine competitors because it simply focused on getting the job done. Good deal sites will similarly focus on simply getting the job — delivering the best deals to you — done.

Do you use deal sites? If so, why? And if you don’t… why on Earth not? Surely the reasons to use deal sites outweigh the reasons not to use deal sites by now, don’t they?

Unless you somehow manage to comfortably live life without ever having to buy stuff (and if you’ve figured out how to pull this off, please let me in on your secret)!