Microfiber Towels Clean and Protect Your Electronics
Microfober towels can also clean while they protect your electronics — and your health! [Image by the Official US Navy Imagery via Flickr]
We all know that cleanliness is next to geekiness, right? Cleaning your electronic devices is a necessity, or at least it is in my opinion. Microfiber towels are one of the better ways to clean your devices without giving them an actual bath. We all know that taking your gadgets for a bath can be quite a challenge, and you never quite get them clean. Microfiber towels are a much better method of getting things sparkly and fresh again. Wait. Can electronics be fresh? Anyways…

What are microfiber towels?

A microfiber is essentially any stranded material that has a strand weight of less than a singular denier. A denier is the number of grams 9,000 meters of a single strand of material weighs, in case you were wondering. So a microfiber towel is any material made of microfibers. In general use, microfiber towels are made from polyester blended 80/20 with polyamide.

In contrast, non-microfiber towels are composed of larger strands that can unintentionally capture dust particles and larger grains that can then be dragged against a surface, potentially causing damage to that surface.

Why should I use microfiber towels?

Other than wanting — or needing — to keep them clean, you mean? If you use microfiber towels, you can keep the screen of your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry device free from dust, fingerprints, and smudges without the threat of scratching that non-microfiber towels carry. The microfiber towel will keep the screen free of debris until you use it again… not forever! They aren’t completely magical — yet.

Do microfiber towels go “bad?”

They don’t go out to steal old ladies’ handbags, if that’s what you mean. However, these handy wipes don’t go “bad,” but they do need a bit of maintenance every once in a while to allow them to clean effectively. All that usually consists of is to wash them in warm water and mild detergent — and most people recommend you lay them flat to air dry. This is why many users of microfiber towels recommend that you use light colored microfiber towels so that you can see when they need to be washed.

Will any microfiber towels that I find be good enough?

Yes, pretty much any microfiber towels that can clean will work for electronic devices. However, keep in mind that microfiber towels vary from brand to brand, and even product to product. It may take you some time to find the product that suits you and your needs, but it’s well worth it when you do.

Do you use microfiber towels? Do they work well for you? Leave a comment below and let us know!