Buy a Cheap Battery for Backup
Sometimes even a 747 needs a little extra juice! [Image shared by Michael Pereckas via Flickr]
Don’t you hate it when you run out of “juice” in your favorite device? A cheap battery would probably sort out your problems. What do I mean by a cheap battery? A cheap external battery will allow you to charge your favorite device on the go. It will allow you to double or even triple the amount of time the device can go between charge cycles.

I was told by a professional photographer and cinematographer that the only difference between a professional and an amateur was the amount of spare storage devices, lenses, tripods, and batteries they each carried. I agree with him and it is something that has stuck with me ever since. Even if you carry a single cheap battery around and use it infrequently, the fact that you use it gives the impression of a professional who needs the extra power.

Cheap Battery for Increased Performance

Having a cheap battery with you allows you to use the device more. If you know that the device you’re using will only last five hours, the battery life indicator will be checked every hour — and then every minute when that indicator drops below 20%. You aren’t getting the best performance out of yourself or the device. This is why the cheap battery backup is essential, in my opinion.

Cheap Battery on the Go

An inexpensive external battery is also great if you are traveling because you don’t have to worry about missing out on capturing moments. A businessman shouldn’t have to worry about missing a call from the boss because he drained his device charge playing games… and a vacationer for the first time shouldn’t lose memories because they took a photo of every. Thing. In. Sight! The backup battery will give you the confidence to do what you want, need, have, or love to do without fear of the device running out of power.

Cheap Battery for Multitasking

Imagine using your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry device to vlog. The same holds true for them. If you’re vlogging, a lot of strain is placed on your battery. Keeping a backup handy frees you from that worry. While I was in London, Scotsman — one of our writers — had a nice, cheap battery that I think those of you in the UK would appreciate. We all crave — and need — power in our lives, and I hope I have passed some to you.

Do you use a cheap battery? Do you have one and just not use it? Tell us in the comments below.