Power Cords for Power Tools
Even a car, which could be considered to be a power tool of sorts, sometimes needs a power cord. [Image shared by Marko Dugonjic via Flickr.]
Honey, do you know where I put those power cords?” is probably something that many wives, partners, and girlfriends are used to hearing. We all know that power is important, but we also know that we cannot keep them all plugged in at once.

As one of the Great Indoorsmen, it is very rare that you’ll see a power tool in my hand, or at least the do-it-yourself type of gadget. However, it is not as rare to see power cords in my hand. I do believe that an iPhone (or other tech device) is just as much of a power tool as a drill, and I have the connectors for those kinds of devices in my hands regularly. However, what kinds of power cords are there? There are only two types of power cords that you can use to run your tools. What kind(s) do you use?

Power Cords — Multiple Outlets

I recently visited the UK, and these power strips (as we call them in the USA) come in multiples of four, six, eight, and 10 plugins. They are known as either a bar or a gang, superseded by the number of outlets. They are a great way to give many power cords their juice at once. I don’t suppose that you’d want to be giving power to multiple power tools at once, though. I’m sure there is some code against having a lathe and a table saw being powered by the same power cord.

Power Cords — Extension Cables

Power strips with long cords are a great way to extend your reach — especially when working outside. These power cords vary in length and allow you to get the go-go juice where it is needed outside. They are also a great help indoors when they allow you to use your computer wherever it is needed — even if no outlet is nearby. The humble extension cable is one of these power cords that everyone has had to use at least once in their lifetime.

Don’t get me wrong: there are hundreds of thousands of different power cords that all do different jobs, but I tend to think that the extension cable and the multiple outlet are the two main types of power cords when it comes to power tools that aren’t smart devices.

Do you think I’m wrong? Have I missed a type of power cord that you think is more important? Let me know below!