Loot Crate Brings Subscription Boxes to Geeks and Gamers AlikeHave you heard of Loot Crate, yet? Are you too busy to go to conventions and to play dress-up as your favorite Doctor, Star Trek officer, or Stormtrooper? We all are. Trust me, there are times where I’ve wished I could just shut down my laptop, suit up as Steampunk Jabba the Hutt with Klingon ears and a Hobbit cloak, but I can’t. Too damned difficult… what with work, having a kid, and the whole “lifestyle” that comes with being a grown-up sometimes. You know?

It’s cool though, kids. Loot Crate is a subscription service that, for a fee, will send you themed surprise crates once a month filled with goodies of all kinds. Want some candy? Have some. Want some nerdy statuettes and stickers? Cool. Want some really great exclusive items that only the Loot Crate crew can get its hands on for you? It’s got that, too. The folks at Loot Crate are working hard to make sure this isn’t just a grab-bag of cheap items that you could get anywhere; they specially craft each box with a theme. This past month, we were lovingly given the coolest Deadpool shirts you could’ve imagined with stickers that mashed up Mario Bros with Ninja Turtles. Just saying, guys, they want you to have some fun.

Uncrating the Loot Crate

Every month, you receive a box that, upon opening it, gives you a card that will detail everything you have there in your “Crate.” Some folks like to run in blind and just tear through without reading that card. You totally can, but if you want to understand what that little black rubber ninja is, maybe you should check your card, yeah?

Some months, you may get a t-shirt and that means you’ll get lighter, smaller things in there. Let’s be honest: you can only cram so much in those boxes without damaging things — it makes sense. My first month was just a box full of fun toys like ninjas, bowties, and apparently randomized DC Heroes & Villains toys! Nuts, right? Did I mention the candy? Yes, nerdy candy and stuff from your youth all make appearances.

Watch as this bro and this blonde give you a rundown of their own uncrating of the most current “Mashup” crate in June.

Something I can truly appreciate about the Loot Crate is that the company knows its audience. Be that as it may, there may be a month where you get a box full of some kind of nerdy thing you don’t love as much as someone else. Cool! Gift it out! Since the Crates are surprises, there’s always going to be a little something you love more than others — but that’s kind of the fun in it. It’s like getting a surprise Christmas present for the genre you appreciate every single month. April’s Crate was “token,” where you were loaded up with tons of arcade and Street Fighter goodies, and if you’re not big into that, it just means you’ve got some kickass stuff to gift to a friend who is. Trust me: if you’re into Loot Crate, you’ve got friends who would dig the stuff you don’t. It’s never a waste.

Is Loot Crate Worth the Cost?

A monthly Crate will run you a little under 20 dollars if you include shipping and handling. You’re charged $13.37 plus $6 for shipping and handling fees — which isn’t horrible. For a year, you can subscribe and it will run you a little over $100, but that also takes care of the subscription for a year plus puts you in the running for Mega Crates, which are huge, overwhelming bundles instead of the normal subscription Crate.

junecrateIf you calculate the cost of what you’re getting in each Crate, plus the value of each item, it’s well worth it. Just this last month, the Deadpool-Aid shirt alone, on most sites, is running $30 plus shipping and handling. Include the 8-bit sunglasses, stylus pen, stickers, the discounts to Stan Lee’s Comikaze, and candies and it’s well worth the amount you paid for the Crate. Even if the items aren’t for you, the team is still making sure that you get the value that you’re putting in and more.

I have watched this company come up and rise from humble beginnings and have personally seen the hard work put out by all the folks digging deep to bring this kind of fun to the masses. While not international yet, the team is working hard to figure out ways to bring it to everyone. From what I hear, the cast of Video Game High School and its creators are “curating” the next crate. If you’re a fan of this flick and series, you might want to get in on it now! You’ve got eight days left!

In fact…

Anyone using this code at Loot Crate will get $3 off!: LOCKERGNOME

So, yes: I believe you should all take a look at it and if you’re a fan of everything nerdy, geeky, gamer related, and possibly all of the above — get your hands on a Crate. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Images provided by Loot Crate