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Protect Your PC Without Affecting PerformanceI recently described my experience using an anti-virus application I hadn’t used before. The software, VIPRE Internet Security, turned out to be delightfully simple to use, with a clear installer and an elegant interface. I was performing a deep scan of my system in no time, and was surprised to find the app outperformed the solution that I was using prior. Not only can I recommend this program to protect your PC, but today one of our readers gets to receive a one-year license of the software.

Protect Your PC Without Slowing Down Your System

If you haven’t read my followup post, written nearly a week after I first wrote about installing and running the software for the first time, you may be wondering how it is that I determined GFI Software’s security suite to be a winner in such a short period of time. It’s actually been two entire weeks since I initially installed the app, and in my second post, written just a few days ago, I reported how I found the security software to be performing throughout more than a week of heavy usage on my test system. A true test of software is performed over a period of time, so I made sure to use my test system — along with the anti-virus software — heavily over that period. I hardly touched my other computers that week (though I had to use my phone now and then, of course).

Now, if you did happen to read both of the posts I’ve mentioned, you know that I’ve been pleased with the results of this computer security solution. I’m even more pleased after a few more days of using the utility. Anti-virus software, in my opinion, is not usually the sexiest software on any computing platform. I usually see it as a necessary evil — something you simply must install on your computer, particularly if you’re running Windows. You want to protect your PC, but you’d rather not run a program that may turn out to have an impact on the system’s performance in a negative way, such as slowing down the computer while you’re trying to get some work accomplished on it (as some anti-virus programs have been known to do). In fact, I was hesitant to install any security software on my test system because it’s already a relatively low-end system. It’s slow enough as it is without any anti-virus apps running on it.

But to my surprise, I’ve had some fun using VIPRE since I first installed the program two weeks ago. For example, rather than proving to be yet another unwanted-but-necessary utility that is supposed to run in the background but instead eats up my PC’s resources when I least want it to — causing my computer to slow to a crawl when I’m in the middle of, for example, rendering a video I’ve been editing all afternoon and need to upload as soon as possible — I haven’t noticed VIPRE affecting my system at all. That is, the program didn’t cause any noticeable hiccups or slow downs — nothing that would make me roll my eyes and groan (as many other anti-virus applications have done in past experiences).

In my last post I also noted that I purposely visited some websites that are known to attempt to install malware through browsers. Since then I’ve also thrown a few known viruses at Windows. VIPRE caught everything I threw at my system and quickly disposed of it according to my preferences. In a word, I’ve come to the conclusion that this anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-intrusion, and anti-spam solution has quickly become one of my favorite utilities. I’m not saying that opening up and studying the results of security scans has become a new hobby. I am saying, however, that using this particular security solution leaves me knowing that my system is more secure than it was before, and that I feel less resentment at having to install and run a security program that wouldn’t be necessary in a friendlier world.

And the Winner Is…

So now you know how I feel about this application. Last week I asked you, my readers, to post comments describing why you would want to use VIPRE Internet Security to protect your PC. Some lucky reader would be selected to receive a code for a one-year license to use the software. So now it’s time to announce the winner of our giveaway.

I would really like to win a year of VIPRE Internet Security 2013 because I so dearly would like to drop Norton lol… I am open to trying something new and telling my friends about it.

This comment was posted by Rhonda Meow Readman — and Rhonda, you’re our winner! You get to enjoy the benefits of a secure, virus and malware-free computer for at least the duration of the next 365 days! Congratulations! We will be contacting you via the email you supplied when you entered. Don’t forget: the rest of you can still enter the other VIPRE contest on my personal website! Leave a comment on that thread before midnight PDT on July 16th for your chance to win a free year of VIPRE!

Now, just because Rhonda was lucky enough to win our giveaway, it doesn’t mean the rest of you have to endure the pain of using a less worthy anti-virus solution that taxes your system unnecessarily. VIPRE offers a free trial. So if you wish to protect your PC without undermining the purpose of a program designed to keep viruses from preventing it from running as well as it should, simply by heading on over to its website and downloading the application before some code designed with ill intentions sneaks onto your computer and slows it to a grinding halt… or worse.

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