Kindle Special Offers: How to Snag Them
It’s like Kindle special offers can see right into my soul! [Image by Whitney via Flickr]
Amazon’s Kindle e-book readers are among some of the best bang-for-your-buck deals to come to the tech world in recent years. Before you find yourself taken aback at that rather bold statement, take a moment to consider just how much having a Kindle can save you over time. There are tons of Kindle special offers out there if you know how to snag them.

First, the Kindle itself is made cheaper thanks to its integrated Kindle Special Offers feature, which places sponsored screen savers and banners in the menu system aimed at saving you money on e-books and other products in your local area. You spend less on your e-book reader, and potentially save on other products in the meantime — if you feel that allowing advertising on your device is worth the savings.

I can tell you after being involved in the distribution of free, ad-supported content for over 15 years, the type of advertising that goes on in a Kindle device is perhaps some of the least intrusive and most accurately targeted you’ll find on such a platform. It’s a trade-off, but there are some hidden extras you can take advantage of thanks to this compromise.

Many of the ads you’ll see on Kindle devices are locally targeted. Kindle special offers act like Groupon deals that save you roughly 20-70% off products and services in your area. This is done through Amazon’s advertising program, which takes into account what Amazon knows about you to match you with ads that are more likely to be of interest to you. Again, this is done in the interest of being less intrusive for consumers while driving more profits for Amazon and its partners.

So let’s say a special deal comes across the screen that you’d actually want to take advantage of. How do you snag it?

If you’re using a Kindle with touch capabilities (like the Kindle Paperwhite 3G), just touch it as you would any banner ad on a standard tablet. Kindle Fire users will find this especially easy given the fact that it really is an Android-based tablet. Kindle Touch users will be directed to a page that allows them to complete the deal through Amazon and/or its affiliate partner.

Kindle Special Offers: How to Take Advantage of Deals from Your PC

Kindle Special Offers: How to Snag ThemLet’s say you want to take advantage of a deal you saw on your device’s screen saver in sleep mode, or along the bottom of the screen. You could click the banner as it appears on the bottom of your home screen, or visit these deals through the Kindle’s menu.

Perhaps you’ve seen a special deal you wanted to pursue, but it no longer appears on the screen. You can still do this through the Special Offers menu as long as the deal is available.

Here’s how to do this:

  • From the Home screen, select Menu.
  • Select View Special Offers to see a list of available offers.

Kindle Special Offers: How to Opt Out

Let’s say you really don’t like advertising and would rather spend $20-30 to get rid of special offers and enjoy your Kindle experience sans banner ads. This is easy.

  • From your computer’s browser, visit Manage Your Kindle.
  • Select Manage Your Devices.
  • Click Edit under the Special Offers column of your selected device.

At this point, you’ll be asked to pay a one-time fee to make up the difference that having ads on your Kindle devices saved you when you made the initial purchase. Once you’ve completed the transaction, your Kindle device should drop the ads on next sync.

You should then be able to enjoy your Kindle experience without special offers appearing on the menu screens and during the screen saver present when the device is in sleep mode.

Have you taken advantage of any Kindle special offers that you think are worth sharing? Please leave a comment below and tell us all about your experience!