Accessories That Will Improve Your GoPro Photos
GoPro photos can capture some pretty incredible action shots thanks to the tiny size and durability of the GoPro camera. [Image by Gordon Tarpley via Flickr]
GoPro photos have arguably changed the world of action video for the better. Consumers and professionals alike have taken little GoPro cameras and used them to capture some of the most impressive feats of human sportsmanship and live action from a first-person perspective. You can mount them to your head, skateboard, car, motorcycle, chest, backpack, and virtually any other stable surface you could imagine.

With all of its video chops, did you know that the GoPro is actually a pretty decent still camera? At up to 12 megapixels for the GoPro Hero3 Black, the photos you can take with this impressive little device are extraordinary. You can even shoot them while recording video.

There a number of accessories that can improve your GoPro photos significantly. We’ll list a few of these in this article.

GoPro Photos with a Smart Phone

Whether you use Windows, iOS, or Android as your smart phone OS, compatible versions are able to use the GoPro app to see what their GoPro is seeing in real-time. You can even control the shutter from your phone without having to touch your GoPro. This way, your camera can be mounted to the hood of your car or some other remote location and you can take shots as you see them.

There is a slight lag between the image on the GoPro and what you see on the screen, but if you are close enough to the device, the experience is fairly seamless.

GoPro Photos with LCD Touch BacPac

The GoPro LCD Touch BacPac is arguably the best accessory you can pick up if you want to use your GoPro as either a standard camcorder or still camera. It connects to the back of the GoPro and adds a display with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a digital camera.

It’s a touch-sensitive display with a built-in speaker, which allows you to watch footage and hear what the camera picked up (which is rarely quality audio).

GoPro Photos with Camera Mounts

Accessories That Will Improve Your GoPro PhotosEvery GoPro comes with a few standard mounts that make it easy to attach your camera to various surfaces. What you might not know is that there is an entire catalog of GoPro mounts and accessories to choose from. Headstraps, belts, helmet mounts, and even suction cups are available to you, and can have a huge impact on your photos and videos.

The entire benefit of using a GoPro (beyond its extremely wide angle and tough exterior) is its ability to be put just about anywhere and endure use in a variety of conditions. Surfers mount GoPros to their boards and wear a Wi-Fi remote on their wrist to capture action from a perspective you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise.

From home to Hollywood, GoPro offers an incredibly versatile photo and video capture device with a ton of different uses. Take a look at which GoPro accessories would work best for you.