LG G2 and Me and YouThis is a sponsored post on behalf of LG, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own (and of the LockerGnome community).

Last week, LockerGnome asked the question: What Makes LG Different When It Comes to Android?

We got a lot of answers, and we shared a lot of ’em with you.

The next day, on August 7th, 2013, LG introduced us to the LG G2 with an eagerly anticipated live stream. It’s at this point that we learned a little more about this fancy little smart phone device. The highlighted features that we took away from this revelation include:

  • KnockON — A double knock is the only secret code that the LG G2 needs to grant you access to its buried digital treasures. This is super helpful if you’re, say, carrying a full load of groceries and need to quickly check the time (for instance). Keeping things simple and non-intrusive to your routine make the LG G2 a pretty friendly phone, all things considered.
  • Guest Mode — The LG G2 allows you to set up specific content to be either fully accessible or off limits for a guest account — say for a child or a nosy friend. Or maybe you just like to keep your work separate from your personal life. Whatever your reasons, the LG G2 isn’t asking any questions — making it a pretty polite phone, all things considered.
  • RearKey — Its name pretty much gives away its function, but the LG G2 RearKey is located on the rear of the phone — right where your index finger usually resides when holding it — making the LG G2 a pretty convenient phone, all things considered.
  • OIS Camera — Not to be confused with an iOS camera (a different phylum, altogether), the LG G2 OIS camera (OIS stands for optical image stabilization) is designed to help even a shaky-handed butterfingers (not naming any names, but I know a few) take crisp, clear, stable photos in sub-ideal situations. This makes the LG G2 a pretty artistic phone, all things considered.
  • Audio Zoom — By using three separate microphones that work in sync with your finger movements, you can actually intensify the focus on a particular subject while you’re recording them for video immortality. It’s not magic. It’s science! This makes the LG G2 a pretty technical phone, all things considered.

Are any of the above-mentioned features a deal maker for you to leave your current choice of smart phone behind in favor of an LG G2? Well, they’re all pretty innovative and point toward a smart phone future that considers some of the problems that we human beings have had while trying to best use them in our day-to-day lives.

LG G2: Learning from You

In fact, the LG G2 catch phrase is “Learning from You.” Take it as more of a helpful suggestion box put forth by the scientists behind the development of the LG G2 rather than a paranoid Skynet Terminator scenario (remember, we’re working with something that’s friendly, polite, convenient, artistic, and technical, after all).

So now, without further ado (before we bid you adieu), we present another nifty little trick that the LG G2 has up its sleeve: the QuickWindow Case.