Tetris Magnets and the Attraction of the Game
Tetris magnets make me more excited than I have any right to be. See? [Image via Pirillo Picks 001]
I remember the first time I ever heard of Tetris. The television commercial (remember those?) warned me that I might become “tetrisized” with the Nintendo adaptation of the game. Yeah, right. This was the age when box art was fantastically more realistic than the actual video game. Then again, just how much more “real” could quad-block pieces get?

Instead of knocking apart walls brick by brick per the old Breakout gaming model, Tetris would let us build walls! Sure, they’d disappear when we stacked ’em up properly, but it was a far less violent way to go. And in the world of ’80s video games, this was kind of an anomaly! To create something before destroying it was a new idea, entirely! Tetris was truly the first of its kind, coming onto a scene of space invaders, street fighters, missile commanders, and their ilk. And the fact that Tetris hailed from Mother Russia — our Cold War opposition during a time when the superpowers were stockpiling weapons of mutually assured mass destruction — made its exotic nature all the more appealing, somehow.

Shall we play a game?

Tetris First Timer

So we finally scored a Tetris cartridge and I jumped right into game play, taking turns with a friend on Friday evening (who was spending the night). I remember rocking the controller ’til 2 a.m. — I was hooked, and had to force myself to walk away from the 12″ monitor before I melded molecules with the chair. It was time for bed. Time for rest. Time for sleep.

I closed my eyes. Without warning, I could see Tetris pieces falling into place. I was playing the game by memory.

I was truly tetrisized. Magnetized, if you will, which is why I’m stuck on these Tetris magnets, as found among the first of (I hope) many Pirillo Picks — as you can witness firsthand in the video above. They’re magnificent, and everybody who sees them will dream about having a set of their own soon thereafter.

Are You Attracted to the Power of Tetris Magnets?

How do you feel about this fine old classic block-fitting game? Do you get the attraction to Tetris? Then you should get a set of Tetris magnets for yourself, too!