Surge Protector with USB Serves Many Purposes
A surge protector with USB capabilities serves many purposes. [Image shared by XTG Technology via Amazon]
What purpose does a surge protector with USB capabilities serve? Potentially, lots of purposes.

A friend once asked me: “Why does a fan produce a humming noise?”

I replied: “Easy. Because it’s lonely and doesn’t know the words.”

Like most geeks, our lives are surrounded by cords, chargers, and cables. And if this isn’t aggravating enough, many of our devices come with transformers and power supplies that are built into a plug of some sorts. On top of finding the room to squeeze these pluggable devices into the necessary electrical outlets that allow them to function, we’re stuck trying to hide their cords behind furniture so they’re not an eyesore.

A Surge Protector with USB Ports Makes Charging Easy for Everyone

Now my wife is not blessed with any electronic or mechanical intuition of any kind, but watching her struggle with her iPad charger one evening made me think there had to be a better and easier way to plug in USB capable devices in need of charging.

I finally solved the problem by buying her a non-Apple iPad charger, which I permanently keep plugged in by her dresser. The only problem is that I lost an electrical outlet that we were using for one of our lamps. Over the years, we have become the proud owners of more devices than we have electrical outlets to charge them with. Many of us have had to plug in ugly power strip surge protectors to try and accommodate more of the toys we buy, which always leaves behind a mess of tangled wires.

A Wall Plate Surge Protector with USB Ports Clears the Clutter

Since our home isn’t one of the new ones built with USB outlets, we would need to call an electrician to retrofit our older home with them, which would be an expensive proposition. I did some research and found a simple wall plate surge protector with USB ports called the Slim Wall Plate and Surge Protector by XTG Technology that changes everything.

The Slim Wall Plate and Surge Protector provides three electrical outlets and two USB ports. The three electrical outlets and the two USB ports are offset from each other so they do not interfere with charging your devices via USB while plugging in other electrical devices.

So what makes this wall plate surge protector with USB ports a great idea? For those of us who own or rent older homes, this is a simple way to update our electrical outlets and add the convenience of USB charging. These USB outlets free up the electrical inputs for other devices, so we can eliminate the clutter while taking full advantage of both USB ports and standard electrical plugs. To use them, you merely plug the Slim Wall Plate and Surge Protector into a standard outlet and voila: you are now ready to charge all of your USB-powered devices!