Retro Flip Down Clock is a Gift of Time
The Retro Flip Down Clock is a work of art. [Image shared by Amazon]
The Retro Flip Down Clock is a gift of time that will keep on giving every day, every week, and every month for as long as it is in your possession. This retro looking clock offers a precision movement design that exposes its inner workings of gears and flip switches.

Retro Flip Down Clock is the Epitome of Style and Fashion

The Retro Flip Down Clock is a beautiful, high precision device housed in a solid metal frame for strength. The durable acrylic flip down numbers provided are a work of art while the inner functions of the gears add functionality. These units are also economical to use since the switches are all controlled by a single D cell battery that will last for months and months.

At a glance, it’s…

  • a retro-designed flip clock
  • a gear-operated time machine
  • got cool flip down action happening every 60 seconds
  • powered by a single D battery

Retro Flip Down Clock is a Real Eye Catcher

With a slick-looking design, this Retro Flip Down Clock will add beauty and flair to any desktop or table. Whether you use this in your home or at your office, it will surely draw the attention of those who see it and may well become a conversation starter. While the clock itself is beautiful, it is also a full-featured timepiece that will accurately tell the time all day long. The flip down feature automatically adjusts the time every 60 seconds without the need to wind or adjust the clock.

However, if you need to adjust the time, it is an easy process. To do so, all you have to do is turn the dial that’s conveniently situated on the right hand side of the clock. This means that it is also easy to adjust for Daylight Savings Time. I have also found that it is easy to use the Retro Flip Down Clock, with its reliable mechanism, to tell time no matter the time zone or country where the clock is used.

Whether you are buying this clock for yourself or as a gift for someone else, this Retro Flip Down Clock makes a lovely addition to anyone’s home or office — at any time.